How many grams does this look like?

  1. Are you asking to create conversation or because you actually want to know? It’s a good question just to have people guess and you let people know when they get it right. If you are actually trying to figure out the weight, you need a scale. All nugs are different density.

  2. Exactly this. My friend once bought 7g and then left it in a box to keep. It dried out to 2.5g after 7 days

  3. exactly, weed can’t be weighed by sight alone and if somebody is gonna accuse someone of shorting them based on looks; ya silly. If somebody is gonna sell to someone based on looks; ya silly!!!

  4. Yh, its just that right when i bought it i was pretty sure that it was less than the 8 grams i paid for but i was too scared to ask the guy i bought from, and so i just asked here to see what people who have smoked longer thought

  5. Do Americans know how much 7 grams is? I mean no offence but here 7g looks like half that size. It is too i think usually, 7g. But in pics it looks like more

  6. What is this a quarter? No idea on the density of the nugs, which is the biggest determining factor

  7. Looks a bit fluffy. Looks like 4. A $3 gas station scale would be good if you are worried, but this could also just be a fun game for all of us.

  8. Went to a dispo in CO a few weeks ago and got a variety of house joints... smoking through them I picked one up and it was empty out of the bag.

  9. its not even the lighter i use, but the one i use also has a button since i somehow no matter how much i try cant figure out how to use the normal lighters

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