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  1. Shrooms and weed are all I’m open to. I think if it grows out of the ground, it must be good for you🤷🏻‍♀️lol

  2. im the same, if i can grow it and make it myself ill try it. if it involves me neeing to pretend to be walter white hard pass

  3. Weed has always been primary choice for myself, have done coke, Molly, shrooms & acid , but we’re all for special occasions in my early 20s. No longer touch that stuff and don’t smoke near as much as I did starting out. Primarily just smoke before bed and that’s it these days.

  4. I use acid and shrooms every other other month or so and DMT every now and then. Also enjoy taking some Molly once or twice a year .

  5. Depends on the person in my experience. In my younger years, I progressed from weed and there was a time that weed didn't do anything for me. But today, weed is all I will ever need and want!

  6. Yeah for me weed was a gateway drug. Not saying it IS, because I know it’s more me and my tendencies than the weed. But I have done no less than 14 different drugs, all of which I wouldn’t have done, had I not picked up the first joint. So life goes.

  7. i started smoking like 6 months after i started tripping on shrooms/acid lol, but i dont plan on doing anything other than psychedelics

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