First time rolling a j. What y’all think?

  1. Funny enough this bad boy might pull really well even if it looks like a monstrosity. I’ve seen perfectly rolled joints get “clogged” and had pasta noodle shaped joints pull perfectly.

  2. You got the basic idea, now keep rolling every day and next thing you know your joints will look smooth 🤙🏽

  3. My dude, you could have done with one paper. There are multiple layers of paper in this joint, given the crease corner x 2 plus the twisted joint fuse so I'm assuming there are at least 3 layers of paper, showcasing this debauchery.

  4. How are you gonna smoke it? It’ll light ridiculously and mess the whole thing up. I think try again with 1 single paper. Make sure your paper is slim or large? Check the amount you put inside.

  5. I remember how many failed attempts I had before I finally did it. But after the first time I never failed. It's like riding a bike.

  6. Not bad at all for a first time roll, if it smokes it smokes bro it takes hella practice to get them lookin crisp and pretty

  7. That's a lot of bleached paper, switch to something like Raw. Crease the bottom half of the rollie so it stands up and that allows you to dump the weed into it using the package. Hold it between your top fingers of each hand and pinch it while locking and sealing, that's the part where you lost it. No one rolls a perfect doob on the first try but you definitely don't want to be wasting weed trying to see if something like this will smoke.

  8. Doesn't look any worse than when I started trying to roll em many moons ago. My advice is get a cheap bag of tobacco and just practice over and over. (Not advising to smoke the tobacco though).

  9. I'm smoked for yrs I'm 39. I still think u roll a better j then me lol. I buy pre rolls if I want a j . I smoke bowls and dabs all day haha

  10. I couldnt roll at first once you get the hang of it it gets so easy and better. Id use less in it. And make it more even and you mightve used too much saliva to seal it. You need to seal it more gently too so it looks like a tube

  11. What i did to learn to roll a joint was take a quarter ounce and grind it all up. Rolled .5g into a joint and if it wasn't perfect, I tore it open and re rolled it. After a couple hours, i had 14 perfect joints and no longer needed practice.

  12. Get a rolling gismo 🤣 only kidding. Keep practicing just rip it up and fill a new one. I find twisting from the roach helps and that way it won't be super lose that end

  13. start with a rolling machine, its good for new rollers or people with very shaky hands, gave me a good idea of how much to fill my joints with, then i moved on to pre rolling cones and packing them, and eventually i worked myself up to rolling pretty decent looking js, for a first time at least its a start man! theres nowhere to go but up!

  14. Just keep trying if it doesn't smoke well... you should try swisher sweet cigars and fill them with the herb they super easy to roll up and taste great!

  15. Remember that scene in Breaking Bad where Walter White rolls a joint and it’s so awkward and then tries to light it on the stove…this was the prop from it, innit?

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