just got some fire weed

  1. I'm still growing from the jar of seeds I got from my first bag of weed in 2016 lol, granted most of those seeds are from their children.

  2. Its got red hairs, its bud, all good. Seeds ? Its real and not treated. Enjoy it in a joint alone or with friends. Make this a great smoke.

  3. Impressive how many seeds are in such a small amount, you could turn your backyard into a weed forest with just an 1/8!

  4. This is about the lowest quality can get. Not trying to be mean or anything either. It's just not good. Not even what regular weed was looking like 15 years ago out here. I hope you ain't pay anything close to premium prices for that.

  5. The year is 2007 and you’re about to unfold the notebook paper your weed is in and smoke it out of an empty monster energy can

  6. Lmao kids who have seen it legalized cuz they born in 2007 think it's worst thing to even look at it...they don't know what it is like to smoke illegally in a state

  7. 🤣🤣 was going to be "that guy" and make an assumption. However looks can be decieving.long as it does you ✌️

  8. Whoa. All these mid 90’s memories come flooding back. Rolling joints in my best friends VW rabbit, flicking the seeds out the manual moonroof, listening to wu tang

  9. Looks outdoor, so seeded probably from hemp. The seeds ain't worth squat except as food, or if from indoor accidental pollenation from hermie, also undesirable. Can't imagine that a weed that expended all that energy on seeds could be fire by today's standards.

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