My little cousin got scammed. What is this??

  1. Ahaha your cousin just learned an important lesson, it’s worth the wait or extra distance to go to someone good

  2. Not to mention it's in one of those bags they leave out in public for people to pick up their dogs shit😂

  3. Not to mention it's in one of those bags they leave out in public for people to pick up their dogs shit😂😂

  4. Because the plug in those scenarios did not think it through like that and wanted a quick buck out of someone

  5. Easy money fast, they are not thinking you might ring them on a new number and arrange another meet up but this time with consequences..

  6. Chances are this isn’t a regular dealer just someone they knew who wanted to look big by selling them weed but didn’t want to give them their good stuff lol that or it’s a dealer who thought they’d be so gullible they wouldn’t even question it.

  7. Because the “plug” wasn’t even a plug. Just some kid who said yea I can get some weed then bamboozled them

  8. Burnouts. This wasn’t a plug, but a connect. And they don’t last for long, people don’t like getting burned and word gets out quicker than they think

  9. Usually because of shitty customers with bad attitudes. They’re never going to sell to them again anyway, so why not rip them off if they’re a rude asshole/spoiled bitch?

  10. Sadly, I’ve done this to people. Either I wanted your money cuz I was broke, you’re annoying, you look like a bitch, or you’re associated with someone that I or my friends didn’t like. Not condoning this obviously but thought I’d give some reasons that aren’t just reddit hypotheses. And ofc I would never do this if I actually wanted you to come back

  11. Cockaburrs. That's what we call them around here. Seed pods from some tree. I don't know what they did to them to make them look like that though. Anyone thats spent any amount of time in the woods around here knows them well.

  12. I was on study abroad in Costa Rica a few years ago. One night, our group hit one of the local bars. Some shady ass dudes kept trying to get some of the girls to go smoke; of course their offers were declined, but when we were leaving a couple of the guys from our group went with them to cop some weed. We get back to the motel and everyone’s pretty lit and hanging out in our room waiting for these dudes to come back with some bud so we can smoke. They give the bag to me as I was designated roller. As soon as I open it I start cackling, causing people to come see what’s up and subsequently start cracking up themselves. These boys unknowingly bought $30 worth of literal grass, picked fresh from the nearest lawn. I’ve had some bad bait and switch moments in my time, nothing nearly that bold though. I swear we were all laughing so loud you probably could have heard us all the way back at the bar lol

  13. They fall off trees. Sometimes my dogs them stuck in their paws. Holy shit. If this isn't a troll, then this is the riskiest bud scam of all time.

  14. Wtaf go fuck the dude up, I mean the absolute balls on him to give you a ball from a tree instead of weed and take you’re good money… what a piece of shit. Honestly where I’m from weed is cut and sold already spun to make more profit but that is bullshit. Seriously op fuck this dude up.

  15. I Remember when I started smoking again when I turned 15, I went back to an old friend of mine. We had a steady understanding that he really wasn’t much of a dealer. Just an occasional half Oz buyer who liked to have personal smoke, and sold some of the half to re up and get more smoke. One day, he was completely out, and said “well hey, I got a buddy who has the best shit in town” (at this time the word “exotic” wasn’t getting thrown around yet. “Medical” was) he claims his boy had grams of “medical grade dro” but he’s charging 25 a gram. I had a feeling we were getting ripped, but out of me and my buddies desperation and naivety we decided to buy two grams of this said “medical dro”.

  16. I know, right? What was the thought process, I wonder:"Let's see, gotta date, need cash...oh look, some sweetgum balls I can sell as...?weed?"

  17. Looks like ferrero roche chocolates that were sitting under a couch for a few months hahaha. Shame, good lesson though, everyone gets scammed in the early days

  18. Nah, not you again. Fuck outta here with those weird ass edibles lookin like someone took a dookie and rolled it into a ball with some grass 🤣😭

  19. bro you got the corner of a black store brand yard bag, i used to trap and that's like scrambling to weigh out and get sum cash like damn bro that's some fungus or something, the small nug on the right looks like faint bud coated with like mold

  20. it looks like this type of weed my friend would buy online.i honestly don’t remember if it got me SUPER high but if you’re looking for anything to smoke go for it. i think it’ll give you a little buzz.

  21. When your cousin asked the guy if he “had the good stuff”, maybe he thought that she was referring to his Grandma’s cooking?

  22. It looks like moonrocks made out of strictly tobacco products. If this is you in disguise throw it away but if it’s actually your cousin then teach him right from wrong and to never fuck with that plug again.

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