I didn’t have “ceremony site closed because someone dumped asbestos in the creek” on my wedding disaster bingo card, but at least I finally got a cake

  1. My husband and I had such a cute fun Elvis wedding. Cheap, easy, no stress. The pictures are beautiful. I couldn’t recommend it more highly.

  2. Ah sweets- eloping is the best possible wedding scenario, but I promise, at the end you’ll be married, and this will be a story you tell forever.

  3. This, absolutely. Our wedding venue cancelled on us 3 weeks before our wedding. We had 12 guests (including us) planning to stay there and we had organised an independent caterer so no hotel would take us.

  4. I've yet to meet someone who years down the road says they regret eloping or doing a tiny wedding. Plenty who regret their big ones though.

  5. Absolutely yes - and I did elope!! We eloped and then threw a small dinner party (40ppl) a month later. The elopement caused drama because only the parents were invited, the party caused drama because while my husband and I paid the majority of it, people had opinions they wanted to get out. Then at the party itself I had a raging migraine the whole time.

  6. Oh man I’m so sorry.. maybe channel this into a screen play or something.. My Big Fat Aussie Wedding.. box office gold here in the US

  7. I was just thinking if she/he had a talent for writing this could turn into something. I no longer read them but it sounds like a great story for a monthly magazine aimed at young women in the marriage market age. Cosmo? Does Bride magazine do a monthly short?

  8. This is where no one can be surprised if you start laughing maniacally because the cosmic fuckery of it all has made your poor brain snap. I am so sorry though, really and truly.

  9. Oh, hon. I’m sorry you’re dealing with all this stress on what it supposed to be one of the most magical days of your life. I promise it’s terrible now, but when it’s just a memory, you’ll be able to laugh at it. I had a wedding dress and cake disaster at my wedding almost 20 years ago, and although I ended up dry heaving that day from panic, we tell the story now and laugh. It will be OK. I promise.

  10. I closed my veil in my car door and got a speeding ticket on my way to my wedding. I’m sitting there in a wedding dress and the cop asked where I was going in such a hurry. 😆 NOW it’s funny! Then? Not so much. You’ll be married and one day this will be a funny story to share.

  11. Luckily we didn’t have to pay anything for use of the site - we just had to do fill out council permits and a ton of paperwork, but it does mean our backup location will require a massive taxi bill for my uncles who will be performing the ceremony 😭

  12. I’m less than 6-weeks out and I really wish we had eloped. This wedding feels like neither of our personal wants and has turned into a performance for the families. We’re on the exact same page so that is making it tolerable but I wish I stood my ground on eloping.

  13. So sorry this is happening to you. The cake was bad enough, if you were in the UK I would have offered some cake assistance!

  14. We had a courthouse wedding. My BFF was my MOH. My ex-boyfriend was the BM (he's how we met). DH's younger brother came along to video us. It was awkward and amazing.

  15. My family is Aboriginal, we use smoking ceremonies as a cleansing and welcoming ritual. A welcome to country is performed by a culturally esteemed person who is a member of the Aboriginal nation that the event is taking place on and welcomes them to the land. It’s a cultural custom that we use a lot in Australia ☺️

  16. Google > connecting people to the country and keeping them safe from the dangerous powers of the spiritual beings residing in the land and waters.

  17. The important thing is the marriage. The less than perfect wedding will make great stories for the next half century together.

  18. I hate to tell you this but your wedding might be cursed. Seriously though, I'm so sorry you've gone through all this! But I'm sure that years later, it will be one of the most epic stories you have to share and hopefully you'll be able to look back and laugh about how insane it all was. Maybe you could even make a movie about it.

  19. At the end of the day, you are marrying the person you love. Trust me, that's all that actually matters. All this is just.... extra stuff. Keep the end goal in sight and sail right through anything else. You got this.

  20. My heart hurts for you. If you decide to up and elope, come to Vegas. Our weather is perfect this time of year and I would highly recommend Little Church of the West. My husband and I renewed our vows there several years ago and it was lovely.

  21. This will be funny in the future, I promise! In the meantime, remember the whole point of the wedding, you're making a commitment to someone very special. Hold on to that, everything else is just the icing on the (hopefully much less crumbly! ) cake.

  22. OMG, OP...I just looked at your cake post and you have my sympathies. WTH were they trying to do with it?!!!

  23. We eloped and I tell everyone what a great experience it was. Just us, two friends, zero stress. If you do want to elope, there’s lots of cities that have beautiful city hall weddings that make lovely pictures. If at this point you just want to be married, I vote elope! Book yourselves into a spa after, you deserve it.

  24. And I thought I had dramas in the lead up to my wedding last weekend. I am so sorry you are dealing with all this. I think I read on your last post you are getting married in the mountains right? Cannot believe someone has dumped asbestos there, that’s bloody terrible. Hope you find another gorgeous spot, at least there are plenty to choose from.

  25. Courthouse wedding was the way to go. I am so very sorry your special event is having such a nightmare lead up. No matter how it goes, so long as you and your person handle it together, it will be fine. Fingers crossed for you that everything comes together

  26. I hope things get better for you and that you enjoy your wedding despite all of your obstacles! Hang in there 🤍

  27. If it helps i felt that way a lot the week of my wedding. granted i had way less hiccups than you are experiencing. i hope the day ends up being beautiful and perfect even with all the hurdles.

  28. Oh no! It does seem like you've had a tremendous amount of bad luck, but I hope your wedding day goes beautifully and you enjoy a long and wonderful marriage. Fingers crossed this is the last of your troubles.

  29. Best I can do from here... but sending virtual hugs hugs, back rubs and mutterings of 'everything will be okay'. Hopefully you have someone nearby to get all that from too!

  30. I eloped but also planning to have a large anniversary party that’s much like a wedding on our 2nd year anniversary, lots and lots of time to plan

  31. I am keeping my fingers crossed that this is the absolute last thing the goes wrong because you have had way more than your fair share. When all is said and done you will be married to your person. Try to remember that is your focus. And let us know how everything turns out because after the disaster trial cake and now the asbestos, I'm invested in this wedding! Sending you all my luck and love!

  32. Op the universe is telling you to just go to the court house and spend the wedding fund on a Disney World Honeymoon. Listen to the universe.

  33. I am so sorry that you are having to deal with all this. It sucks. But whether you elope or go through with a wedding, at least you’ll be married to the person you love at the end. And have a story for the ages.

  34. I’ve always warned couples that when it comes to weddings, Murphy was an optimist. Even if it can’t go wrong it will!

  35. I just want you to give a huge hug. But hear me out: if forgetting the cake situation, none of what happened was anyhow connected to any of your guests. It was all circumstancial and you just got very unlucky. I really hope (and believe!) that despite all of this happening the wedding will go well, because you will be having your loved ones around you. Dear, just try to have fun. I'm rooting for your wedding day to be a happy one!

  36. I didn't think anything could be worse for you than that cakewreck. Anyway, I do hope you have a lovely day, even though it wasn't what you envisioned.

  37. I am so very sorry. I had a problem with dress alterations.. ended up not getting my dress until 3 days before my wedding and that had me in a panic. I can't imagine dealing with all of that. Hopefully everything either works itself out or at least when its all over you and your new spouse will be able to look back at all the craziness and laugh. What a unique way to start your married lived together right? Good luck OP I wish you love and happiness in your new adventure .

  38. My theory on wedding disasters is that it is an affirmation that the marriage is meant to be. The highlights of the week leading up to my wedding:finally released from hospital after near fatal medical event, fiancé’s young daughter broke her arm needing surgery, notified officiant in icu with complications from previously undiagnosed cancer, flautist cancelled (officiant’s wife), and went for a follow up appointment at doctor and was (in error) told that I had a devastating chronic illness.

  39. At this point, just elope. Seriously, pick a place and go. Here in Tennessee, there are so many places that offer elopement packages for almost nothing.

  40. I just checked your post history to see an update--I'm so happy for you! You looked absolutely gorgeous! I hope you're off having a wonderful honeymoon/relaxing at home with your husband, and I'm sure you'll have a wonderful life together.

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