My mum pressured me to get my cake made by her friend, who is apparently a professional baker. They just sent me this photo of the trial. Suffice to say it’s not what I ordered.

  1. It’s not quite a naked cake, and it’s not quite an iced cake. What kind of hybrid monstrosity is this?!? Run, don’t walk, to your nearest bakery and order a wedding cake because this…this ain’t it.

  2. What in fresh baking hell is this! Thank god you got the trial so that you didn’t get 3 tiers of whatever this is on your wedding day 😳

  3. This appears to be boxed cake with some warm cool whip thinly slathered on. I created a similar masterpiece for Mother’s Day 1996 when I was 9.

  4. My guess would be that this was supposed to be a two-tier semi-naked cake. But whatever it was supposed to be, it’s… not good

  5. Yikes, the baker thought it was OK to show this? At first I thought this was badly applied shredded coconut covering it. A friend made my daughter’s cake and made six practice ones (so nice to get a call asking if we wanted to try the latest version) and even her first attempt was far better than this one. For anyone baking a wedding cake, The Cake Bible book is a wonderful guide about the density, proportion, scale and structure of tiered wedding cakes.

  6. Refuse to accept them as your baker. You were promised professional standards and this looks horrific. I would be embarrassed to serve this to friends at home and I'm rubbish at baking.

  7. Oh my! That's not even a cake from a half way decent home baker. It looks like the cake my grandfather made for my uncle when grandma was in the hospital having had a baby the day before my uncle's birthday. That goodness for pictures! He'd never made a cake before and it was the thought that counted.

  8. Exactly, if a family member made this cake for my birthday I'd be delighted and appreciate the effort. If a "professional" baker made this as my wedding cake I'd lose my crap.

  9. So in answer to everyone’s questions, no, this isn’t a joke, and no she doesn’t seem to realise how horrible it looks. I wanted a two tier white naked cake with lemon curd filling, and the florist is bringing fresh flowers for us to decorate with. Mum’s friend isn’t a professional baker, as it turns out - she does hobby cakes for her grandkids. They got box cake mix and premade icing.

  10. What’s up with your mum? Is she just a ‘little’ set in her ways, or is she more severely mean spirited in general? Seems so strange she’ll dig her heels in over a cake that didn’t come out right, even if a lot of effort went into it. Or is she just stressed due to short time left? Trying to understand her reaction. I really really hope you find a solution. Even if it’s cutting the cake to a better shape and refrosting it. Also if it’s a test cake, wouldn’t that mean redoing it anyway? I don’t get the thinking behind this… just seems so unfair to you. 🙁

  11. Hi, I lived in the blue mountains for years (moved away now) and can offer some bakery recommendations if you need. There are a couple which stay open over long weekends and make really beautiful little cakes. They prob wouldn’t have time to make something custom, but even their pre made ones are way better than this lol

  12. I would go 'round to the bakers and show them this picture. One of them will take one look at that and, hopefully, decide to save the day. Life is too short to deal with bad cake.

  13. A trial of what?? That’s not even a good crumb coat! It’s time to be clear with your mom about this and move on to a reputable baker.

  14. A former close friend insisted her soon to be mother in law was amazing at cakes (per her fiancé) and could make her wedding cake and save her hundreds. Knowing what I did about how her ridiculous beau would exaggerate (at 22 he had already declared that he was a Navy Seal, was set to go pro in football but took damage to his knee, and also sold a million dollar business but had literally nothing to show for it… ooooookie dokie), and how ticky the bride was, I strongly urged against it. She was really dodgey on whether or not she had actually seen or tasted any of these cakes. She had faith in the fiancé’s bullshit. Added with this- the friend was NOT one who could ever be wrong. She would literally eat shit and say it tastes good in order to not be “wrong.”

  15. What is that supposed to be? I'm not a "professional baker" and would be crying over this, not dare to take a picture of it and send to the bride. Is that supposed to be a crumbcoat? Why is it.... eu.... chunky? Wheres the smoothness? Is this supposed to become a hat?

  16. This looks like the work of a mom who watched a few Tik Toks and though, “hey, I can do that!” and then also charge top dollar for it.

  17. It was supposed to be a two tier naked cake, I managed to get my mum to admit that her friend isn’t really a professional - this is literally boxed cake mix and premade icing. She thinks it’ll look fine when we add flowers 💀

  18. Is your mum’s fiend pulling some sort of lame ‘prank’ on you? You know the sort of thing…..’tee hee hee, let’s send her this pic! She will FREAK.OUT!!! Zomg it’ll be hiLARious!!’

  19. As a professional baker, why did they even send you this photo lmao 😩😭 please cancel this person and find someone better!

  20. My thoughts exactly. WHY WOULS YOU SEND THAT?!? Just say you couldn’t do it and suggest they find someone else and save yourself the embarrassment. Geez.

  21. My grandma's "friend who's a baker" made my parents' wedding cake, and it tasted stale yet greasy, and the only discernable flavor was the tang of ancient cigarette smoke that had soaked into it from this woman's home. Oh, and she put fake flowers on it, but they had rusty wires, so there was that too. My grandma was horrified, my parents were heart broken, and no one ate the cake beyond a single bite. Turns out this "friend" wasn't the baker she claimed to be so much as she made some good desserts for church functions and somehow convinced my grandma she could do a friggin wedding cake.

  22. I would rather pretend to be dead and flee the country before seriously sending this photo to someone as a "trial cake" for their wedding day

  23. I just called mum and I want to cry. She’s doubling down. She keeps insisting it’ll look fine on the second attempt and with some fake flowers. It’s a public holiday where the wedding is so everything is shut and I can’t even call a bakery to organise another option.

  24. If you can't find someone to step in, how do you feel about no cake? Hell would freeze over before I would serve a cake from these two.

  25. Are you in Brisbane/are any trusted guests coming in from Brisbane? I can suggest a nice bakery that can make cakes (they won’t be wedding styled but they are all really lovely and you can get a variety of flavours/looks) in fairly short notice? You can always decorate them with flowers yourself and they will look 100 times better than this abomination.

  26. I know you have a lot on your plate, but can you make your own cake? Cuz if the alternative is box mix and frosting anyway, you could probably at least make a better looking version

  27. Dude just go to fucking Walmart at that point. They have 3 tier wedding cakes for a fraction of the cost of a professional baker. Holy cow I can't imagine how your baker thought this was a good pic to send!!!!!

  28. I’m not in America and the wedding is this weekend so unfortunately we don’t have big shops like that to rely on. I get to spend my day calling up every bakery in the village we’re getting married in hoping someone can whip up at least a sponge 😭

  29. Is it done? This is a progress picture right? This isn't supposed to be a final (trial) result right?

  30. Even if she was going for a crumb coat or a naked cake, this is still unacceptable. If she’s planning to put more frosting on later it needs to be smooth, or else the whole cake is going to look like hell. Cancel immediately and tell your mom to butt out!!

  31. I’ve tried my hand at decorating and I’m not good at it. And even I can make it look better than that. That’s appalling

  32. One she adds flowers, pearls, lace and the cake topper, gonna look just like one of those fancy Pinterest cakes! /s

  33. How nostalgic. It looks like the cake I baked at 8 with a pack of cake batter. The frosting was canned butter I painfully mixed with sugar. Is it maybe your mother's revenge for an old Mother's Day gift she hated?

  34. Say no thanks you're going another way. If they're capable of doing better they'd never have sent you this picture. Seriously, what sane adult would make this, and say, i can't wait to show it off? Anyone who had a clue would make another, and that would be the trial one. Nope.

  35. Even a halfway decent home baker could do better. My sister had mostly pies at her wedding, but wanted a small cake to cut for pictures. Here’s the one I baked for her.

  36. If you're referring to the lightly iced "naked cake" look, I think it can be really elegant when done correctly. If you're referring to that awful tier job, I got nothing.

  37. A supermarket cake would look better than that! I did better than that for my kids birthdays, and I only ever bake cakes on somebody's birthday! That is really crappy! Does mum have an opinion on the quality of this offering?

  38. This is like a cake on that Netflix show "Nailed It" where they try to make cool stuff and totally fuck it up. This is a damn joke! 😆

  39. In the cake's defense, homemade cakes and ugly cakes taste best, so that sucker is probably delicious. I would put it out of its misery by eating the whole thing.

  40. The little girls i know, you would never find the actual cake under the 10 lbs of sprinkles on it. (It's been 5 years of me telling them, more is not always better. Still working on that, lol)

  41. My god! I suck at baking but I’m pretty sure I have done a better job than this!!! I usually bake a cake for my sons birthday, they are no where near perfect but they look a hell of lot better than this monstrosity!

  42. I think by “professional” she was referring to the church bake-sale where she managed to palm one of these monstrosities off for 50c

  43. I’ve done better work and I am just someone who looks up Martha Stewart recipes. This is unacceptable if they’re charging you for a wedding cake

  44. Oh no, no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no... And just for making sure you understand my thought HELL TO THE MF NO!!!

  45. I would love to know the brief. ‘I want it to look like a hat badly made out of cake and icing, don’t want people wondering wether it’s cake or real so make sure it definitely looks like cake’

  46. And this is the point you tell them a firm "No." This is ridiculous. I am amazed they thought this was hood enough for a trial. I would be embarrassed, quite frankly, if I was her.

  47. Good lord. I could make something look prettier! My wife and I eloped and I had a bakery make a 27$ naked strawberry shortcake cake! Came out gorgeous and they’re remaking it in a few days for our anniversary!

  48. As someone who works in a bakery and does things at home.......i sure hope you found a real bakery to do your cake. Im sure the thought was there on the one who made it....but its very painfuly obvious she has no idea what shes doing and a wedding cake is much too big of a task for her.

  49. Holy moly! I am not a good baker, have not baked a layer cake in 10+ years, and could do a better job than this.

  50. Oh no ! I’m shocked that this person felt good showing off this creation. I hate baking but I would work extra hard at making a cake look better than this. So glad you have time to find another baker.

  51. I am so curious to hear what you ordered. Wow. Like I have made some ugly cakes in my life but this is something else. It looks like someone threw marshmellow fluff on a bowler hat 😬 What did your mom say?

  52. I can make better. And I am an adequate, not particularly skilled home baker. I would not make a special occasion cake although I have friends who are more skilled and can make things that look professional and amazing to my untrained eye. They would not serve this.

  53. Has this woman ever seen a cake before? Has she ever had a birthday? How do people have no shame? She can't think this is good, but she sent it anyway.

  54. A naked cake is not a hard cake to make for anyone with some cake making skill. I really hope that you can get a bakery to do this for you instead

  55. They seriously sent that to you?? They’d have to pay me to allow them to do this for my wedding

  56. That looks like a crumb coat… ask if they sent the wrong pic. They lay have taken a few pics of the process and sent you the wrong one.

  57. Even I could do better than that. Like, where's the Chrome layer? Is that the crumbling? That's the most basic part. The first layer is the Chrome layer and then you do the second layer and then you do your decorations. It looks like somebody left a toddler alone with a frosting spatula and a can of pillsbury!

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