Don't get me wrong, I have a CCW; BUT my wedding is literally the only time I absolutely will not be carrying. I only carry when there's a chance I might use it (I hike in the Rockies alone). Why would you need it surrounded by you nearest and dearest

  1. One of the stupidest things in the world you can do is mix guns and alcohol. That's one of the most basic rules of responsible gun ownership.

  2. Well... It ain't a wedding if it doesn't involve guns in Middle East/Balkans. Everything is an excuse to get drunk and fire into the sky in here. Even I shot a gun in an outdoor wedding and I was 12 💀 We have some stupid fucking traditions

  3. A high school classmate’s younger sister had the wedding party carry guns instead of bouquets at her wedding. For reference, we grew up in an area that’s big on deer hunting and has more churches than restaurants. I still find the whole thing really weird.

  4. This is it right here. For some people it’s part of their identity and lifestyle. I also have a hard time understanding it.

  5. I bought all of my groomsmen 1911's and we wore them under our jackets at the wedding, unbeknownst to most of the guests, though we got some awesome photos later. It's ok to enjoy firearms. Also none of us were drinking while armed.

  6. We literally had to pay extra for security to wand our guests because I knew that my husband's family members would try to bring their stupid guns to our wedding. You do not need to have that in your possession if you're going to be drinking.

  7. I like to remind all gunnuts that their dream heroes, the Earps and old Bill Hickok, were the first proponents of gun control. What was the first obligation of cowboys off the trail in Dodge or Hayes City? Divest their artillery.

  8. As someone from outside the culture, the American gun fetish seems so weird, especially in places where you have control over the guest list. Like are you guys expecting a mob hit or something at your wedding?

  9. I don't get it either. As an European I hope I can die before even seing a gun in real life. I'm 34 and I've never touch or even seen one 🤷‍♀️ (except in airports and so).

  10. Never heard of ccw or cc, I assume they’re guns. I’m happy I live in a country where guns aren’t that common.

  11. Also how are you going to get it out from under your skirt? The point of CC is that it’s concealed, so she couldn’t even rock a vest or chest strap holster.

  12. I'm wondering if anyone in the wedding party has a mullet and if the groom will be cutting the sleeves off his tux or just wearing the ever popular tuxedo t-shirt.

  13. "Garter as handgun holster" is a solid femme fatale aesthetic, but she and her life are not nearly cool enough to justify wearing a gun to an event that involves alcohol, dancing close, lots of people, and potentially things like needing help with your dress or men actively fishing for the garter.

  14. Does anyone else remember the Bridezillas episode from like 10+ years ago where the bride bought a small gun from a pawn shop and stuffed it down her bra for the wedding in case anyone tried to cause drama?

  15. Some people just think that at any second they could suddenly be in an action move where their wedding is attacked by zombies, or terrorists, or a ravening crowd of impoverished immigrants.

  16. People like this are why I think most gun owners are ridiculous. They don’t carry guns for safety, they clearly do it as a status symbol.

  17. I have a CC permit but I don't always carry. I definitely wasn't going to carry during my wedding. I knew was I was going to have a few drinks. I follow the rules.

  18. Idk, to me it seems like more of a hobby, probably because I actually know gun owners, unlike a lot of these commenters. Almost half of them carry purely for protection and out of necessity, almost half of them treat it like a hobby or subject that they're interested in similar to people who collect Funko Pops or put pins on their bags or paint model planes or whatever. And a very small percentage of them are kinda nutso this-is-my-only-personality-trait-and-also-I-wanna-shoot-at-the-government. For the most part it really is pretty harmless, Reddit just likes feeling superior.

  19. I had my wedding in Florida, and even with the conservative crowd that was there, no one in their right mind would bring their gun. This is attention seeking behavior or/and just being a dumb Ass.

  20. It is weird why someone would do this unless they are an FBI agent or something. Do they expect issues? If you love guns why wouldn't you just open carry (not that I am a fan of guns but why bring one to conceal it).

  21. I'm 100% for CCWs, but I went to my wife's cousin's wedding some years back and they're both gun enthusiasts and did some kind of photoshoot that they were packing. Okay, cute, whatever. Anyway, the guns *were* unloaded - no clips, no round in the chamber (I checked myself), but they ended up just leaving them out there on the head table unattended, making lots of people uncomfortable. This was a very well lubricated wedding and it was so cringey.

  22. People have died from guests getting rowdy and shooting in to the air. I wouldn’t want my wedding associated with someone being killed with a stray bullet.

  23. These are the same people who say we shouldn't live in fear due to Covid. Don't live in fear of a deadly disease but do live in fear of your loved ones on your wedding day?

  24. Imagine being so obsessed with a constitutional amendment you have to incorporate it into every part of your personality.

  25. It really is. This gun shit is so normalized some places here, it's truly bizarre to me. She wants to carry a murder weapon while she vows love. Sure. Okay.

  26. I honestly thought that they were talking about a baby! My mind didn’t even think of guns, especially when family was mentioned, thought that they can hold the baby while they are getting wed.

  27. My friends dad came to visit from out of state with a CCP. My dad has one as well. Friends dad was very cocky showing his piece around until my dad saw and told him he could leave it in the car. He advised the man that in our home, no one carries. The guy couldn’t believe it and left. Oh well, our home, our rules

  28. A country raised on proud paranoia and you're surprised some of the more insecure people won't put the guns away?

  29. Yeah I'm confused whether they carry a gun almost all the time ("my wedding is literally the only time I absolutely will not be carrying") or only occasionally ("I only carry when there's a chance I might use it/I hike in the Rockies alone.")

  30. maybe it is celebratory? What country is it where they shoot their guns in the air, maybe US weddings are heading in that direction, embracing middle east customs :/

  31. Is she expecting a zombie apocalypse? Why would you need to carry a gun on your wedding day? So grateful I live in a country where this would not ever be an option or acceptable.

  32. "My wedding is literally the only time I will not be carrying" followed immediately by "I only carry when there's a chance I might use it" lol

  33. I'm hardcore pro-gun, I open and conceal carry, have dozens of guns, have built self defense tactical guns. I still wouldn't carry at my wedding.

  34. I’m in the UK and have no real knowledge on this - I’m wondering why people CC anyway? Unless it’s as part of their job? Genuine question, not at all trying to be rude.

  35. Idk if the UK is just not nearly as rural as the US, but in the US many people live in small towns or out in the country where police are not a practical option in an emergency. In the country, you only have yourself to rely on for protection against dangerous wild animals, robbers, and yes, crazy people. Having guns in the country is often honestly necessary, or at least gives you a sense of security. If you CC in the city, it's not as necessary but with so many people you never know when a crazy person will try to harm you or your family and you probably won't be strong enough to fight back. I mean, I live in NYC and guns are basically illegal here, and even if I were to CC idk if I'd personally feel safer, but there are SO many mentally unstable people on the subways these days that I can understand the appeal of CC, even if I wouldn't do it myself.

  36. The people I have met who want to be able to carry their firearms everywhere typically have a John Wayne mentality. They’re convinced that they’re going to save the day during a robbery or something. Unfortunately it’s often the opposite that happens. Most people don’t have the greatest aim in high stress situations, as a former army ranger I know pointed out. I live in a suburb of a large metroplex, yet some people here think they need to have a firearm to go to Kroger‘s to buy groceries. I honestly don’t understand it either and I see it every day.

  37. I don’t live in states, so I truly thought that she’s talking about carrying the baby in those slings.. until I opened the comments and read the mod’s clarification. This is horrendous.

  38. Because of the drinking of course no guns is the best policy but I feel like you answered your own question. I am surrounded by my nearest and dearest and should anyone threaten them I would want to defend them. Its not like a shooting never happened at a church or a hotel. I can see why someone would want their gun for that.

  39. I don't know ...If my BIL was still alive and I did a vow renewal, I would want to have either my husband, myself or youngest son(age 30 people! Best shot of the lot and had absolutely no love list for Uncle Jackass) to be carrying...

  40. I don't see why that's so bad? Especially for a small wedding. Maybe they're going out after, maybe she has a crazy ex, maybe related to an abusive relative. Lots of reasons one would want to carry.

  41. There are SO MANY other ways to deal with those very hypothetical scenarios that don’t involve bringing a weapon to a scene of high emotion. Gun nuts have shot and killed people at grocery stores over trivialities; it’s not better to bring a gun to a place you KNOW someone will be highly emotional. Bonus bad idea points for bringing it to a place where a lot of people have alcohol. Nothing says “sensible” like mixing guns, booze, and high emotions.

  42. It seems to me that someone who is carrying concealed would want to do so for private reasons, not announce it and make it a fashionable accessory to a wedding

  43. Stop being rational! People don't carry for a multitude of reasons that vary with culture, they're only looking for an excuse to slaughter people at their wedding! My middle-class city-dwelling ass says so!

  44. I mean, I quite honestly wouldn't mind someone CCing at an event like that. Regardless of if you're surrounded by loved ones, shit happens.

  45. Have you ever heard of “hiring security”? It’s this thing you can do so your special event doesn’t devolve into your ability to Annie Oakley it up. I too have dealt with stalkers and a sociopathic family member and done so without resorting to viewing the world as a gun range.

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