Why aren't short dresses more common?

  1. It’s a good question. My SIL had a pretty traditional wedding in a church and had a tea length dress mind you. She was very happy with her choice and always said she didn’t want a long dress.

  2. Yeah I see what you mean. I looked online at bridal shops for dresses and they had like two options and seemed very out of date. I just wish more effort was put in to more styles so everyone's didn't look the same!

  3. I'm thinking I'm just in the minority that would feel awkward, not special, being the fanciest one in the room. I wore a floor length dress while maid of honor at my friend's wedding. Looking at pictures it really was pretty but I felt so awkward holding up my dress all day. It's just me 🤷

  4. Longer dresses are often considered more formal. Weddings are expensive and often very formal events so a long dress fits with that expectation/aesthetic. Courthouse weddings and elopements are frequently less formal and/or less expensive events. The media also has pushed the idea of the Bride wearing a big, white, ballgown so that is what many women have imagined themselves wearing for years before they ever get engaged.

  5. I feel like weddings are the only events that have dresses that have trains. Even dresses that show your shoes are hard to come by. I do think there's a lot of pressure to have big elaborate dresses

  6. I think women tend to like the drama of longer dresses, myself included. I thought I would wear a much simpler dress than I ended up with. I pictured a simple circle skirt dress made of jersey-like material (I know, it’s weird); I ended up with a satiny ball gown with a train. What can I say, I fell in love with it lol (it was secondhand too so reasonably priced). But I do love the look of a knee length a-line dress especially.

  7. No definitely doesn't sound weird sounds cute to me! I'm glad you found something you loved! I think the dresses look so pretty on others but I feel goofy wearing them myself. I just wish anything shorter than floor length wasn't always put in the "elopement" or "second wedding category". Maybe people want to show off their shoes lol

  8. I wore a vintage-style tea-length dress and I LOVED it. For one thing, I was getting married on a beach and having a reception later, and the idea of dragging a long dress through the sand and later a cocktail party seemed insane. I'm also very petite, and those huge dresses just overwhelmed me. But it was genuinely hard to find something. BHLDN does have a pretty good amount of "little white dresses," and there are a few other spots. I ended up buying my dress on Ebay ;)

  9. I'm getting married in my backyard in the fall. Im sure they'll be mud lol I got mine on Amazon! I definitely feel that the big dresses would overwhelm me too! I'm pretty petite as well.

  10. I think short dresses are cute and wish there were more. I also REALLY want a long dress but just regular, without a long train. They don’t really do that either unless it’s a cheaper website- it’s so weird! Most wedding dresses look like slightly different variations of the same 3 things

  11. Yes! I don't understand why they don't have more variety. Even like ankle length dresses are so hard to find. I just don't get why there isn't more to choose from.

  12. I'm totally with you on this! I always liked shorter wedding dresses, especially tea length, and I wish they were more popular. Not everyone wants to wear a gown that's so long it's dragging on the ground. It's frustrating that shorter ones so hard to find. It reminds me of how from about 2003 to 2015 it was very difficult to find a wedding gown that wasn't strapless. Now there are a lot more varieties of wedding dress available, at least on the top (sleeves, straps, necklines, etc.). So I hope that because trends change, we might see more short dresses in the future.

  13. I wore a tea length wedding dress. I'm 5 ft 4 I'm not very girly and I felt awkward in a full length gown and a bit overwhelmed and stressed. I think they are definitely becoming more common but mine was a vintage style one so I didn't have a hard time finding it. I think they are automatically like that because the 40s/50s/60s are when short wedding dresses were last In fashion . I think most people assume they won't feel bridal etc. It's all down to personal taste I guess. I'm sort of glad because it stays a bit more unique when you do chose one.

  14. I had a tulle tea length dress, which was just above the ankle in the 90s. I would buy nearly the exact same dress again I'm pretty sure. I have nice ankles! Plus you get to show off shoes!

  15. I’m looking for a shorter length dress as well, found one I’m really leaning towards and when I showed someone she said it didn’t look very bridal because of the length. I feel like for me, I’m 5’4 can’t wear/walk in heels to save my life and I feel like I’d look like I was drowning in a full length dress.

  16. Yeah I'm 5'2" and don't like heels. I'd be overwhelmed in a full gown. Even in my one friend's wedding in the bridesmaid dress was constricting and it was mid length. I just can't do formal wear I guess

  17. I think my mom had a short dress in 86 when she got married but she also got eloped/had a tiny wedding at her house

  18. Totally agree. Many brides would actually look better in tea length. Especially shorter women. It’s a shame to see how many have to have a ton of dress cut off and how it changes the effect of the style.

  19. Anyone I know with a tea length or shorter had to get theirs specially made. Traditionally shorter dresses are for less formal weddings and I find the bridal shops seem to favor stocking the most expensive and mainstream options.

  20. I have tattoos on my legs I don't wanna cover them! Lol I'm sure you would look great in a short dress!

  21. I always assumed it was so the designer could sell more gowns. If I'm a size x but your only dress in that size is too short for me then I can't buy it. Every dress can be shortened but not lengthened.

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