I wanted to lose a few kgs before the wedding and haven’t tried my dress on for a couple of months. The seamstress doesn’t think she can fix it and wedding is in 3 weeks 😭

  1. Are you able to find another seamstress? It might not look exactly the same after but my sister had a simple silk dress like this altered and it was several sizes too big. The seamstress basically took it apart, cut it to size and resewed it.

  2. I can certainly try but I guess it’s a question of whether it’s worth the effort or if I should just be trying to find something else online or at a sample sale? Because it has such a clean diagonal line to the back she says it’ll be next to impossible to create the same angle while cutting out so much fabric. It’ll definitely bring the super low-back up a few inches, which was the whole appeal of the dress to me 😭

  3. Yes it’s crumpled - it’s silk and a very lightweight satin and I didn’t bother to steam before trying on because I just wanted to check the general fit. I didn’t expect it was going to be such a drastic change - the seamstress is worried that to alter it as much as needed will ruin the lines of the gown and it’ll look completely different. I’m heartbroken.

  4. I had a silk dress with a similar shape taken it and tightened. The seamstress should be able to fix it - call another until you find one that can.

  5. I strongly disagree with your seamstress. Taking it in on the sides would be straightforward, adjusting how the cups sit? Much more complicated. I'd shop around for quotes /availability asap. Still, if you want it done, you'll have to pay a hefty last-minute fee.

  6. I’ll try another seamstress, the one I spoke with said it would need to be taken apart and the pieces recut before being reassembled and that it just wouldn’t be doable in my time frame. She didn’t mention taking it in on the sides but I’ll see if someone might be willing to!

  7. There's a similar dress online at REVOLVE. cheap and international shipping. I would order one on express as a backup while you talk to other seamstress

  8. I will be very frank: This dress does not look that expensive and weddings always have unforeseen costs. Buy a new dress in your new size and celebrate your new healthy body!

  9. This is what I was thinking and based on OP already offering the idea of buying another, would be my suggestion. If that is a $400 dress your tailoring costs could quickly exceed that. Buy another one and get back to the tailor to get that new one fitted ASAP.

  10. It was about $700 AUD, which is like… $400 American, probably? So no it wasn’t hugely expensive. It was more that I wanted something in champagne and in a flowy loose style - I don’t like conventional wedding dresses on me. I’m happy to pay the money for something better but it was surprisingly difficult to find something not-white without lace or embellishments! I hate the idea of having to start searching all over again 🤮

  11. Try another seamstress!!!! I took my gown to two of the highest rated shops in my city, asking for pretty simple alterations. They both said it wasn’t necessary because the process would be so complicated. Then I took it to David’s Bridal and the seamstress had SO many ideas. I only paid around $250 USD for couture alterations and now it looks like it was made for me.

  12. OP unless my eyes are deceiving me, could we take a moment and congratulate you on how great of a job you did here. You should take a moment from all the stress to celebrate your success!!! Other than that - get a second opinion, plenty of professionals could do that in that time!

  13. Am they make it a corset back or pull it in the seams and shorten the back panel? It looks like the sides have one straight seam I don’t know it’s it’s embroidered or not but it looks like it can be pulled in. I would see about taking it to another tailor for a second opinion

  14. Sorry about your dress but congratulations on your hard work. You put in the hours! In any case I do hope you’ll find a solution that brings you joy!

  15. I can assure you this seamstress COULD do the alterations, she just can’t or doesn’t want to on the timeline or for the price. As others suggested, she’d have to basically take apart and fully re-make the dress. Very doable, just maybe not with her current schedule, or she’d have to charge a giant rush fee.

  16. Go to David's Bridal, go to the clearance rack or the $200 dresses, it will be better than trying to reset and reconstruct a dress. If it was on size, that would be one thing, but it's a ridiculous amount.

  17. My dress had to be completely reconstructed and it had tons of lace that had to be removed and then hand stitched back on after the alterations were made. I found a seamstress that was able to do it in 3 weeks. Your dress is much less complicated so you should definitely be able to find a seamstress who can help you ♥️

  18. IMO your dress looks like a night gown. However go get a second opinion. Also I guarantee you can find another dress if you shop your size. Best of luck!

  19. It’s definitely a particular look, yeah - this is the reception dress so it’s a bit more laid back. The ceremony dress won’t work for the reception though because they’re two very different venues. Eurgh I hate the idea of having to shop again :/

  20. The bust, front, and side seams are all in about the right place, so taking it in SHOULD only be a matter of shortening the straps and taking in the back. Not a big job.

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