Just for fun: how long were you with/engaged to your partner before you got married?

  1. Ours is similar as well dating 10 years just engaged in August and plan to be engaged for one year so wedding next September. No need to wait too long we’re ready to be married :)

  2. You have no idea how bad I needed to see these numbers. I seriously felt like I was going crazy because the algorithm force feeds me wedding and engagement content CONSTANTLY. It also doesn’t help that it feels like everyone and all my cousins have been getting engaged and married after being together less time than I’ve been with my partner. I love my partner so much— we’ve been together for almost 4 years now and whether we’re engaged or not doesn’t change how excited I am to be with them and how happy they make me; social media just really gets in my head about it!

  3. Oh boy do I feel this. We were together almost 11 years before we got engaged - engaged for a year and a half - and have been married now for five months. I watched so many friends and family members get engaged and married that had been together half the time we had!

  4. I thought my fiance would never propose and always was comparing myself to relationships that moved faster. Seeing these numbers and how much they vary and how many folks waited even longer than we did makes me feel like one of the gang!

  5. I think my partner and I are the last in our friend group to get engaged and we’ve been together the longest. We had a lot of fun going to everyone’s weddings! Haha.

  6. Dated for a little over a year and half before engagement. Engaged for 3 years. So on our wedding day 4.5 years together. Married almost a year now. It’s the best

  7. Five years of dating, one year engaged (signing our paperwork in November). Celebrating with folks two years from then.

  8. 10 years before engagement, 1 year engaged then getting married! It may have taken a while to get this far but I know that I am absolutely spending the rest of my life with the love of my life! ♥️

  9. Friends for 2 years before we started dating. Got engaged in six months and married 2 months after that. Going to have a traditional Indian wedding next year with family. It’ll be a year and half of being together when that happens.

  10. It's not true for everyone, but sometimes it shakes out that way. I told my husband I didn't want to waste time on falling for someone only to find out there were major deal breakers a year or two down the line, so we'd better talk through all of them right away. Made our decision after one year and eloped six months after that.

  11. 8 years before our engagement and 2 more years till we married . Married 2 months and it’s wonderful!

  12. Together for 2 years, just got engaged and the wedding will be 2 years away. I always told myself to wait at least 5 years before getting engaged, because a lot can change. But shortly after a year of dating I was diagnosed with stage 3 cancer.

  13. Together 8 years in November, married as of last October. I sometimes get salty seeing people from highschool who are on like year 7 of marriage because we we’re together, just not married.

  14. My parents are like this! They were a bit older (at the time lol not considered that nowadays) and got engaged after dating 4 months, got married on the 1 year anniversary of their first date.

  15. 3 weeks after 6 months of dating. My husband had just been reactivated in special forces and was being deployed. We had just moved in together when this happened and were talking about getting married. I still wasn’t expecting a proposal so soon. So . . . He said before I go or after I come back? I chose before . . . So if something happened I could be with him. Fast forward . . . We are now 17 years together and the parents of two teens.

  16. We’ve currently been together 5.5 years but we will have been together 7 years with a 2 year engagement by the time we get married in 2024. I’d love it sooner but we have to pay for the entire thing out of pocket ourselves so opted for a longer engagement.

  17. Together for 8 years when we got engaged. Planned to get married on our 11th anniversary in 2020 . . . So we finally got married just after our 12th anniversary.

  18. Snap. Engaged since September last year, wedding in November, celebrated 9 years together just a few days ago. Bonus: first kissed 24 years ago and have known each other 25/26 years.

  19. We knew each other for about 20 years, we were together for 13 years, and we were engaged for one year and four months. It’s been five months so far, and married life is lovely!

  20. Together for 6 1/2 years before we got engaged last October (2021) and I just started planning a wedding for next October (2023) so a 2 year engagement. I had some debt I wanted to pay down first which is almost paid off so by the time we’re married we’ll been together 8 1/2 years ☺️

  21. We got engaged after dating for 6 months (during a pandemic so time is strange and felt like we were together forever, no one that I know of was totally shocked by our engagement). We have been engaged for 1 year as of this upcoming Sunday! We will likely be getting married in 2025 once we save up after I graduate from my masters and start working! So probably 4 year engagement maybe longer.

  22. We got engaged on the 2 year anniversary of meeting. We got married 8 months later legally, and had our actual wedding (after Covid postponements) 9 mo this after that.

  23. We got engaged at 1 year 4 months (quarantine together really accelerated the relationship), getting married at 1 year 9 months - engaged longer than dating!

  24. Dated for exactly 18 months when we got engaged, will be engaged for a year and 9 months until we get married IN 10 DAYS 😬

  25. 9.5 years at engagement, 9.75 years at legal marriage (in our apartment with immediate family), 11 years at wedding

  26. We met 20 years ago, dated for 3 yrs. Broke up for 3 yrs, have been back together since and engaged for 6 years. I was recently talking with Mom about this, who thinks since we've been together so long and living together, that it would be tacky to have any kind of gift registry (we were just gonna do a home/honeymoon fund for guests who wanted to gift anything although definitely not a requirement or even an ask). She said that's just for young couples starting out. Now I am unsure what I should do/not do and don't want to come across as tacky! Ugh!! Glad to see we aren't the only long-term couple here who decided to go ahead and do the thing!!

  27. Dating for 15 months, engaged for 3 months. I’m in my lates 30s and we spent a lot of time having marriage focused conversations very early on. We met a year before dating and had the same social circle, so there was some built in familiarity.

  28. We were together just over a year when we got engaged. And will be just over two years together when we get married next year!

  29. We were together 7 years & engaged for 5. The long engagement was because we had both gotten laid off from jobs & had to get back on our feet.

  30. We got engaged after a year and a half and will be married after knowing each other for 3 years and dating just shy of that!

  31. We were together for five years before we got engaged and then were engaged for two years before we got married.

  32. 2 Years dating, 4 months engaged. I wanted to get married before the end of the year for taxes lol. I (f) proposed to my husband with a ring I designed for myself with the natural alexandrite from my mom's ring. We chose his band together.

  33. We were together almost 3 years when he proposed. We’ll be a little over 4 years together, and a little over one year engaged, when we get married next year.

  34. Dated for 4 years, and due to covid we assumed we would be engaged for 2 or 3 years. However, we ended up engaged for 6 months (microwedding/Nikkah because we moved in together), and our party/celebrations will be just before our 2 year anniversary.

  35. Dating for 1 year 1 month before the engagement. Engaged for exactly 2 years. In total, we were together for 3 years and 1 month from our first date to when we got married.

  36. Mine is so similar! Started dating May 15, 2021, got engaged July 16, 2022, getting married June 15, 2024. So exactly 3 years and 1 month when we get married! :)

  37. Dated for a bit over 3 years then got engaged for 1.5 more years! Just got married last month and we’ll have been together for a full 5 years by the end of this month

  38. We had been together a little over 2.5 years when we got engaged and our 4 year anniversary will be 10 days before our wedding.

  39. We’re exactly the same! Getting married in October, got engaged last October on our 8th anniversary. We get married the day after our 9th!

  40. Three years! We moved in together at 18 months and then lived together for 18 months before getting engaged. Actually we were also engaged for 18 months before we got married. I guess that's how long it takes us to make a decision lol

  41. Together for 4 years, engaged for 2 weeks, had a small wedding with just our closest family, now married for 6 months

  42. Dated 3 years engaged 6 years getting married during 10th year together (was supposed to be on our anniversary but we decided on a different date)

  43. Together 2 years before we got engaged and were engaged for 9 months! Just celebrated our second wedding anniversary ❤️

  44. Together for 5.5 years, engaged for 4 months. By the time we get married we will have been engaged for a year and a half. I can’t wait!

  45. We were together for 4 years when we got engaged June 2020, nearly 3 years engaged when we officially tie the knot, the day before our wedding is our 7 year anniversary 🥹

  46. Together for about 7 years, “engaged” for around 2, actually engaged for maybe two months, and freshly married one month ago today. (:

  47. 11 years together last week, will be engaged almost 3 years by the time we get married next month (thanks covid lol). He’s worth the wait :)

  48. Dated ~6.1 years before engagement, engaged ~9mo, married next Saturday! (Dating anniversary in November and engagement in January)

  49. I met my husband November 2016, and we got engaged July 2019, so about 2.5 years of dating before he proposed. Then we had a 2.5 year engagement so we were together for 5 years total before we got married! We met when I was 18, so our parents wanted us to be completely done with college/grad school before we got married, that’s why our engagement was so long. Now we’re just about to come up on 6 years together, 1 year married… time flies 😬

  50. 4 years together at engagement, we eloped a month after getting engaged but had our wedding ceremony and party 18 months after (thanks to covid we pospone)

  51. Dated (including engagement) for 12 years. The engagement was about 9 months, not baby related just was ready to get hitched!

  52. We were together for 4 1/2 years... I told him when we first started dating that if he didn't propose by year 5, I would break up with him at 5 years and one day. He made sure to hit the mark haha

  53. Together for 7.5 years, engaged for 6 months. Just celebrated our 2nd wedding anniversary and December will be 10 years together, my high school sweetheart

  54. We’ll have been together for almost 3 years on our wedding day, and we’ll have been engaged for about half of that.

  55. Met In Jan 2019. Started dating in March 2019. Moved in together in May 2019. Got engaged Aug 2020 & married Nov 2021.

  56. Dated for a year and a bit before we got engaged. We are getting married next year. We were friends from high school so we have known each other a while.

  57. We were together for almost 6 before getting engaged and our engagement was almost 2 years. Been together now for nearly 14!

  58. We were together about 3 and a quarter years when we got engaged. We got too excited 5 months later and ended up eloping lol. 3 months after that we had the planned bigger thing with friends and family, just shy of 4 years together.

  59. We were together for about one month before getting engaged in September of 2020. Now we have been together a little over 2 years - getting married in November!

  60. We met online 6 years ago this month, 4 years ago this month we met in person, 3 years ago this month I moved to his city. A year ago this month we got engaged. Next week on our anniversary we will be getting married with only our parents. On September 21, 2024 we will have a big wedding and party❤️

  61. 3.5 years and engaged for 462 days before wedding in June 2023 (making a temperature blanket for the engagement time).

  62. We got engaged after about 4ish years (I think) and we're getting married next May, which will be 7 years after we got engaged!

  63. 2.5 years together before getting engaged and getting married in October after a 1.5 year engagement. We are about 6 weeks out, the stress is on! Lol

  64. We were engaged for 8 months and got married on our 2 year dating anniversary. We were friends for 2 years prior to dating.

  65. we met in february 2020, got engaged in april 2022 and we're getting married in november 2022 - it may seem fast for some, but we're both in our mid-30s and very ready to settle down.

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