Fancy dress wedding!

  1. You could do a pun-style thing instead of a literal costume? Like, be a bridezilla by dressing as a dinosaur but wearing a veil, or a bridesmaid by wearing an apron over a thrifted wedding dress and carrying around a feather duster, or go full 70s hippy as a “flower girl”? A grizzly bear blinged out in gold rings?

  2. Wear a bridesmaid dress (there's plenty at thrift stores) with a sign that says "always". Voila you're "Always the bridesmaid".

  3. The one that pops to mind is Miss Havisham from Great Expectations. On a more normal route: flower girl.

  4. Crying child Annoying aunt with the camera Anyone elderly Wedding crasher (can’t say i know how you’d dress for this)

  5. The drunk minister, an overgrown flower girl, redneck wedding outfits - camo formal ware, tragic bridesmaid, overdressed nouveau rich relative overly flashy...

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