Which dress? The first is flattering but I can’t really walk in it!

  1. I’d say always go for a dress you are comfortable in and I guess not being able to walk is probably quite uncomfortable lol.

  2. Pictured: House of CB ‘Esmee’ and ‘Delphine’, both size small. Any girls looking to buy online DEFINITELY don’t size down. I’m a small that can occasionally lean XS and they are TIGHT 😬

  3. Immediately I knew it was House of CB! I bought the Delphine for my reception! I’m glad I got an L+ knowing they’re running tight. I’m trying it on this summer so hopefully it fits.

  4. First one will probably be more wearable in your correct size and altered to fit - you look banging here but it's probably a size too small.

  5. That’s actually something really useful to think about in terms of the leg slit! I thought I’d love the second a lot more than I did. I didn’t have the option to try the first one the size up but I really can’t get over the silhouette it gives me, maybe I should order it in just to try?

  6. I tried on a bunch of leg slit dresses and they looked GREAT posed for but they were underwhelming when I stood properly so I figured I would only actually look good in my photos and when walking ferociously but boring on the actual day

  7. I think the first one looks like you could go up a size, and that would give you a little more freedom around the hip/ thigh area that would make walking easier. You could also get some extra fabric added to the similar to how some pencil skirts have to give you more freedom around knee height

  8. The first one would be fabulous for photos (you remind me of the classically beautiful 50's Barbie! I mean that as a sincere compliment!), but not fun to wear all day.

  9. Maybe do something with a veil cape? I’m not going to lie, in person it’s far from modest. I’m between a C and D cup and I’m pretty much spilling out of it even without a bra. But perhaps a beautiful little sheer cape would do the trick!!

  10. The first is definitely my favorite but you need to be able to move comfortably! The second is just a little too slinky and sexy for me (and I’m usually into those things)! Maybe size up the first one or keep looking?

  11. The top of the first one is just stunning on you! Can you order it and ask for wider dimensions from the hips down? Or buy it in a larger size and have the top taken in to fit. It looks REALLY tight, even for a body hugging style.

  12. I really like the first. If you can size up you'll lose some of the tightness. You may also be able to find a seamstress to add in elastic side panels on each side to 1) open it up and 2) keep the silhouette but let you walk easier. You may not be happy with it too open, ya know?

  13. Can you buy both then use the second for the ceremony but the first for a photoshoot or something?? It’s so beautiful and suits you so well, would be a shame to not make use of it if you can!

  14. I like the 1st one better but know it’s gotta be super hard to move in. The 2nd one looks like a wrinkly sheet if you’re looking for honest feedback. Idk if it’s the photo lighting or what.

  15. They hadn’t steamed either of them which sucked a bit :( I also feel like the 2nd was ironically a bit big (same size and brand as the first which was incredibly tight tho!). But I get what what mean - I might ask them to steam it so I can try again

  16. the first is great but if you can walk in the second one definitely go for it because it makes you look like a GODDESS

  17. That's hard to judge. The picture quality and lighting in #1 is better. I agree with others, that you might need to size up #1. The draped look is difficult because it has to be done just right. Tight in some places and loose in others, or it doesn't look as elegant as it's supposed to. I think you could easily pull off either dress, it just has to be sized exactly right. Don't buy a dress you can't walk in. You'll likely regret it.

  18. # 1 is beautiful on you, but it does look a little like a hobble skirt. When properly tailored it should allow you to sit. Ask the alterations people if they can give you a little more fabric below the hips, or a modest slit, to allow your legs to move a little more. If you have to walk up stairs you will find it difficult (or impossible) if you don't have the range of motion.

  19. I will always pick comfort over fashion personally, but that first dress made my jaw drop and I said oh my god out loud

  20. Number 2 simply so you can walk. However, it also looks amazing on you. Can’t go wrong with either one I think.

  21. I love 1, but I agree that it’s not reasonable to get one that you can’t sit in. But I’m not in love with 2. Like you obviously look beautiful, but it lacks the va va voom factor of number 1. You have an amazing body and I don’t think number 2 does justice to what you’re working with

  22. I love the second! Especially if you are more comfortable in it. It’s romantic and sexy without being over the top!

  23. Both are beautiful. But don’t ever buy a dress that you can’t move in. That includes walking, sitting, bending, dancing. Keep looking until you find something you can easily move in that you don’t want to take off. The second dress is stunning on you if that’s the one you love.

  24. To be honest, neither - they both look like bed sheets. Nothing about you at all, the dresses are just, in my opinion, not good and I’d go back for more options if it were me.

  25. I’ve looked at thousands of dresses online and tried a bunch in store, I hate most of what’s generally on the market right now tbh. Lace and beading aren’t my vibe. Thanks for the thoughts but I’m happy with the bed sheet look!

  26. I agree, OP, you have such an amazing body, and neither of these are doing it for you. I think number one, sized up and tailored to fit so you can move is the way to go.

  27. Option 1 in a size up or potentially two sizes up depending on just how little you can move. If you could barely take a step and are basically shuffling go two sizes up.

  28. Foolishly I did stick my leg out a bit - I think I did that in most photos with this dress. The lack of a steam didn’t help! I honestly didn’t think about going a size up because the torso fit really nicely and I’ve never been a medium but it could be worth a shot, I really love this silhouette. Thanks!

  29. Im a “beauty is pain” girl and I have to say #1 looks AMAZING. If it were me, I’d be getting #1 if I had that body, but I definitely understand the concern about not being able to move🤣

  30. I'm gonna go against the grain, not entirely seriously, but: if that was MY waist to hip ratio, fuck it, I'd wear the first dress and I'd just pay someone to wheel me around on a hand truck all night like I'm Hannibal Lecter. Who needs to WALK when you can BE SEEN looking that good?

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