Bathroom Baskets?

  1. I often see these but have never used them. I'm skipping for myself. Maybe some Advil would be good to include, plus menstrual products?

  2. I went to a wedding with bathroom baskets. There was a tiny sewing kit, safety pins, bobby pins, some small combs, tampons and pads, baby wipes, deodorant, mints, tissues and bandaids. I have to say that as the wedding was in a resort where all guests were staying I don’t think any of it got used because people could just walk back to their rooms if they needed anything. But the sentiment was nice!

  3. I plan to include similar things plus things I've found online on lists of what to put in them. Except that instead of the sewing kit, I will probably just include fashion tape and no sew fabric glue. Just don't think many people know how to sew these days or would have the time to do so.

  4. Tiny sewing kits, mints or mouthwash with little cups, menstrual products, bandaids, combs and hairspray, stain remover pens, bobby pins and ponytails, aspirin.

  5. I’m planning on there being dry shampoo (for saving greasy dancing sweat hair!) and a hairbrush at least. Possibly some Vaseline and some perfume too.

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