Would this pant suit outfit be inappropriate for a cocktail attire wedding? I don’t really want to wear a dress :/

  1. My wedding was cocktail attire and a friend of mine wore this in blue and looked absolutely gorgeous. The suit is great but I might avoid that colour at a wedding!

  2. Blush and beige are both bridal enough that it’s risky imo. Unless you know the colour of her dress then you can’t know it isn’t close!

  3. My wedding dress was blush/ moscato with ivory.. I’d avoid as it’s a very popular wedding dress colours right now.

  4. It’ll photograph this colour though, so you should avoid it. I have bought several formal feminine suits from Dissh and love them, maybe try them out? This one is gold and would be appropriate for a wedding:

  5. Yeah lots of wedding gowns are blush now. It's good to skip all of the neutral lights. Beige, ivory, blush.... I'd say for weddings go for bold brights or dark colors so you aren't anywhere near the bride territory.

  6. Since even wedding gowns come in blushy beiges now I’d steer clear of anything in that color family. Like, it’d have to be really really dark. Don’t risk it but definitely rock a suit!

  7. If you are the guest? Don't wear this color. Also it looks like you have a tube top going underneath, which I wouldn't wear to a wedding. Maybe that was just for the photo here but wear a full length under shirt, blouse, or whatever.

  8. It's definitely appropriate for a wedding .. just not white. If the bride stated specifically white is okay then go for it. Otherwise don't be that person wearing white.

  9. No because it looks white and doesn’t remotely fit you. It looks like you pulled it out of your boyfriend’s closet. I’d be upset if someone came to my wedding in that

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