How much time should to designate for getting ready + pre-wedding photos?

  1. This is really helpful, thank you! I haven’t seen the bridal suite at the hotel yet but I might see if it’s not to weird to send them an inquiry to ask for that info!

  2. I second everything already said, but also plan in some buffer time so you can relax and enjoy a mimosa or a snack and chat with your friends. Have fun!

  3. I have 10 people getting ready together and we hired 3 people to do hair and makeup the morning of. We are doing pictures before the ceremony at 12:30pm so we need to be ready by 12pm and in the limo to go to the location, that being said we are starting to get ready around 7am - 7:30am . I would much rather have extra time instead of rushing.

  4. One thing to keep in mind if your dress is lace up/corset lacing….you’ll need to lace, let the material warm up and loosen, then lace again. This may have to happen a few times

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