So this happened …

  1. For some reason the SUV just casually pulling up with the other car on it is killing me. “Traffic was a bitch today, but I made it on time.”

  2. I can’t believe how much of a difference there is seeing this stuff on Reddit vs real life. Today I saw a car pull out in front of a Ford F-150 and got hit at around 25 mph. Car was spun around from impact and a kid in the back seat was screaming his head off. No major injuries but I was totally shook up for a good hour just witnessing it.

  3. The sound is strange too. Like you wouldn’t imagine that’s what cars crushing each other sounds like. It’s just this quick sound, nothing fancy. Plus even low speed hits can do a ton of damage.

  4. Was the minivan or the truck at fault? I can’t see the intersections light well, but presuming that the truck was at fault? (Dash cam car was on opposite end of same road, assuming they were at a red light meaning truck also had red light?)

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