do you get taken off the schedule immediately when terminated?

  1. I’d go in and ask the people lead. I’d tell them the team lead has been saying you’re fired and you figured you’d stop in now and check on it so you could hand in your stuff if need be. That way you won’t have to wait to find out an hour into your shift, and also it lets them know the TL has been saying it.

  2. If you’re still on the schedule and can still log into work systems then you haven’t officially been terminated. But just because you’re still on the schedule/can log into work systems doesn’t mean it’s not coming, especially if you’re already at 5 points. Until you’ve actually been told you’re fired by someone that has the ability to, you shouldn’t assume otherwise.

  3. 1st of you can call Ethics on that Team Lead they’re not supposed to be telling anybody that you got fired that is private information you could sue the company for that

  4. had a guy leave for like 8 months, never took off the schedule, discount remained active, he tuens 18 right before he comes back, few weeks later he makes CSM.

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