Dan Niles sees a ‘last gasp’ rally between now and Christmas before things get ugly again in 2023

  1. Of course. They just want to fuck your puts now that you opened a position after switching from a losing call position. This game is rigged to fuck the retail investors every single time.

  2. Morgan Stanley equity strategists, who have been prescient with their market calls during this bearish stint in the market, highlight that back-end rates fell as predicted which pushed the tactical stock rally higher, also as predicted. However, stocks are now right at the firm's original upside targets and they now recommend selling again before the Bear returns in earnest. As predicted, falling interest rates at the back end have led to modest, further gains for this bear market rally," the strategists commented. "However, with last week's price action, the S&P 500 is now right into our original tactical target range of 4000-4150. While the index has modestly exceeded its 200-day moving average and the breadth continues to expand, the downtrend from the beginning of the year remains in place. This makes the risk-reward of playing for more upside quite poor at this point, and we are now sellers again."

  3. Been following this guy since the early 2000's. He has more wrong calls than correct ones, per my anecdotal observance over the years. Dude was wrong during the 2020-21 bull run. He's almost a permabear at this point. I remember this year he said to sell before tech earnings crashed the market. Tech earnings at the time were much better than feared and dude was radio silent.

  4. I call BS. They know Santa is coming to town, and JPow turning on the money printer in 2023. When these Cramers say sell, you buy like no tomorrow.

  5. Hedge fund managers citing “fomo” as the reason for santa rally, no one has a fucking clue

  6. I don't necessarily agree. Hedge funds always want to manipulate small investors like this. China just opened back up again. Hopefully, USD goes down, it will attract more foreign buyers, then there definable is a room for bulls imo. Only time will tell. Invest responsibly, my friend.

  7. Earning call is a big factor. A lot of ants seem to bet on bear market. But China just dropped lockdown. It is a confusing time.

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