European Union officials set Russian oil price cap at $60 a barrel

  1. If your friends from India and China already buy from that bar for $2, the bartender will happily take your $3.

  2. Maybe the set the price of the vaccines like 10$ instead of 250$. No wait, they owe shares and besides big pharma pays the protection money.

  3. This could be interesting and could work. 98% of the insurance companies for oil freighters are US and EU companies. A dock will not accept an oil freighter that isn’t insured. You have to declare the value of the oil when you get insurance so this shouldn’t be that hard to enforce. And besides, screw Russia.

  4. How idiotic. At this point you need to ask yourself, are they doing this because they're evil or are they just stupid? And i don't think they're stupid.

  5. It’s a lame duck policy lol. Like others have said, it’s a decision just to make a decision. The EU knows the policy doesn’t have any teeth and everyone knows it’s ineffective to do anything to the current prices. The oil will still flow from Russia and they will still get their revenues.

  6. Turns out that if you buy Russian crude and refine it then it’s no longer Russian. As always European are out to fuck the world. Somehow the nations that gave us colonialism and 2 world wars think they are the good guys, coz, wait for, they said so.

  7. Well the cap is an agreement by all EU member states not to buy Russian oil above a certain price, it's not a price that eu can enforce on Russia, but rather on each other.

  8. EU officials are a different level of regard.They're embargoing Russian crude Oil come December 5th. They're placing a $60 price cap for the rest of the world. This only works because the EU have monopoly over the insurance companies.

  9. After realising the EU can not cope without Russian resources they put a cap to save face. That ban / protest didn’t go too well

  10. The EU is built on bullying. Join us or we will punish you really bad. That is all it is, nothing more. It’s an informal empire until it becomes a formal one.

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