Elon Musk Declares war on Apple. Puts!

  1. Soon TSLA owners will start wondering why they can't open the car as Apple removes the app from store

  2. I am selling my Tesla as soon as Tesla opens up their charging network to all cars. It’s the biggest selling point at the moment.

  3. You think this is going to last that long? Once a couple of Teslas on Autopilot "accidentally" crash into the Apple HQ and run over Tim Cook, I think the surviving board members will fold.

  4. Well, when Apple boots Twitter from their store, maybe someone will finally go & fix the web version, since they can't boot that.

  5. This is exactly why Epic Games and Apple are currently in court. Fortnite held a promotion where you could get bonus ingame currency for buying from their website. Apple felt this was going around their payment wall and removed Fortnite from the app store.

  6. It's closer to $50 billion on hand an crossed a 3 trillion(1) market cap... Elno is beyond deluded into thinking his massively in debt platform that has fewer users than Pinterest is this all important all seeing all knowing platform that people give that big a shit about. He's like a tiny fly fighting a bored cat that, if the cat wanted to, it could just squish and eat or squish and walk away from.

  7. Yeah this is a really bad idea on his part. Apples revenue stream comes from a ridiculous number of places and there's no possibility their market will dry up.

  8. Rule #1 is don’t get high off your own supply. The house always gets a cut must be rule #2. Also I think Elon is breaking them both.

  9. Didn't Epic Games lose in court when they tried to fight AAPLs 30% cut? Not sure what happened to that but we could use it as a guide into what the courts will decide for elon.

  10. It was Epic, with Fortnite. Basically you can provided links out to pay, but in app payments still go through the apple store

  11. It is currently going through the appeal process. Will take years to get a definitive result. Bunch of companies joined Epic on the appeal. Likely Twitter will too.

  12. The court case was sort of won by Epic, they could have links that go to Epic directly but if you had lets say an Apple Gift Card you would want to keep the purchase in-app so that you can use that to pay.

  13. One company has a $2.29T market cap, the other leveraged to the tits with $1B annual interest payments - I wonder who will win this “war”?! /s

  14. Good luck. Epic Games and Spotify have been at this for years – and they at least have consumer revenue to speak of. What's he going to leverage? No more tweets on iOS? That's probably already the case on most devices.

  15. It's almost like Elon doesn't want advertising on "new" twitter at all. 30% has been industry standard for years now and it wont be changing anytime soon, people been trying to fight it but time and time again it falls flat on its face as the justification is always "if you don't like it, make your own platform".

  16. Epic and Spotify are tiny. You have to remember that even Amazon with Audible stop fighting with Apple.

  17. As Bas Rutten said, there is a rule in street fighting. You never fuck with someone who holds you in a superior position. You don't start to poke a guy in the eye who holds you in a headlock. He'll just choke you out. Apple can choke out Twitter any time they want.

  18. When WSB is having sober discussion on concerns around someone’s addiction to meme culture.. it’s gotta be pretty bleak

  19. He got so gassed up about people blowing him on Twitter, and now he has no brakes. He needs a newsflash that social media is a pretty bad example for real life. There's about 500 million "people" on Twitter out of what are we at now? Probably 5 or 6 billion over the age of 18? He got duped by the million Twitter followers and the probably ~ 25k virtually sucking his dick every day. It's a drop in the fucking bucket.

  20. Social media has ruined him. Not that he didn't have problems before, but he's become a social media addict, and he's too egotistical and childish to handle large scale criticism.

  21. Elon has a trove of nut huggers who tell him every hair brain thing he does is genius. He has lost all sense of reality.

  22. There’s been rumors for years that Apple’s been considering getting into the EV market. It’d be hilarious if this is what finally pushes them to do it and they just eviscerate Elon’s only cash cow.

  23. Ironic considering his car business model is the Apple business model. Keep it all in house and make people pay way more than needed because they can't go elsewhere.

  24. I mean, business is all about leveraging advantages you have. Musk's advantage is that he knows how to get a car company treated as a tech company. Nobody had ever done that in the car industry before, so he got pretty far with that.

  25. Ironic because it’s always been this way with Apple and musk is an idiot for not know or a malicious baby trying to stir shit so he looks like a victim. Probably the latter.

  26. It's a single auto manufacturer with LOTS of problems valued higher than the next three companies combined.

  27. Sir, freedom of speech is when everyone is forced to listen to Elon tweeting stupid shit have you even read the bill of rights?

  28. "Tim Apple" has got to be one of the best Trumpisms. It's just so perfectly simple-minded, like a 3 year old who forgot a name and just says the closest thing that comes to mind.

  29. Twitter makes money off ad revenue. If Apple and Google pull apps out, especially for a reason like lack of hate speech moderation, advertising will be hit hard. The vestigial image of twitter as a place for family-friendly audience outreach will crumble completely, not to mention traffic volumes dropping off a cliff. The big spender brands that have left will not return and there will be more brands that drop. Direct attack on main revenue stream.

  30. With Elons management of Twitter so far, I’m sure Apple will do just fine. After all, Apple didn’t fire like 2/3 of their legal and compliance staff as a start…

  31. Well I bet my money on the trillion dollar mc in this case. It's time Elon gets humbled. It'd be fucking hilarious if they dump twitter from the appstore

  32. I think this guy is trying to kill twitter on purpose. Didn't he see what apple did to facebook???? Apple can destroy damn near every company. It can destroy entire economies abroad.

  33. In no way am I defending Apple but didn’t Apple build the App store from the ground up? Government intervention on how Apple should run their store is like government intervention on how Target or Walmart should run their store. Isn’t that what conservatives cry about all the time? To not allow government interference with the free market? I guess Elon Musk and every conservative is a communist then. I’m just going by their logic.

  34. I don’t think Musk or his followers have the first idea of how our government works. They think “freedom of speech” means “you have to keep advertising on my platform no matter what”

  35. Exactly. Apple gave Meta a multi billion dollar black eye when they decided it was time to bring them down a notch. Elon better be careful.

  36. It’d be DOA if it wasn’t at least Android based. A majority of the success for iOS and Android is the App Store/Play Store itself, not the actual hardware. The Kindle Fire was okay in the beginning but the rise of cheap Android Tablets that weren’t locked to the Kindle Store or whatever killed them. Microsoft & Nokia released a phone you could take a hammer & nail to the front screen, not shatter it then make a call but the Windows App Store took forever to catch up with even the most basic apps iOS and Android had.

  37. I love how Apple probably doesn’t even give a fuck. They’re probably like “oh you wanna make your own phone? Cool. See how that works out.”

  38. As someone who’s been investing in TSLA for years, someone who has been following Musk’s enterprises very close for very long… this guy is an idiot.

  39. If there are financial transactions that happen in the app, then Apple takes a 30% cut. I'm not sure how this affects Twitter, because I can't think of a single time when there was an in-app transaction on Twitter. I think this may be related to the $8/month Verified Account thing he wants to try.

  40. He knows what he was doing when he took it private. If it's still public the price would plunge to hell.

  41. Why must the stupidest man in the public eye constantly be shoved in my face while I'm on this site. First it was trump and now this toolshed is taking the reins in tandem

  42. So basically, this guy bought a free karaoke bar, hogs the mic, shuns anybody else who wants to speak on it, and now wants to charge people at the free karaoke bar if they would like a special sticker to wear on their T-shirt? Douche canoe without a paddle.

  43. Cool. Would be great to see him throw another staggering amount of money away getting into a field he knows nothing about thinking he can fix everything because he thinks all the people already there are idiots.

  44. As a person who avoided Twitter and gave the bare minimum to FB and most other social media sites as well as an android user, this shit is HILARIOUS to watch.

  45. Lets see, the owner of 55% of the mobile phone market with a strong presence in other areas of technology, vs. a mouthy jackass with an electric car that can drive itself but you still have to pay attention and can't use your phone, who has spent the $billions in the last month making one of the world's biggest social media platforms mostly irrelevant?

  46. He’s going to war driving a 1979 POS; a car that is struggling to climb the off-ramp. Good luck taking your hoopty to the front line against a tech giant.

  47. Does Musk go out of his way to pick the most unwinnable fights? The man is a walking disaster wrapped in dog shit wrapped in hobo blankets saturated in the piss of a man finishing a 3 day bender of bottom shelf flavored rum.

  48. He’s a pretty shitty capitalist if he doesn’t understand that apple doesn’t have to host his app on their store at all if they don’t want to. It’s like hes speedrunning destroying Twitter.

  49. For anyone curious on the outcome, precedent has been set that either A. Elon has to pay apple 30% which at $8 loses him money on every sale from lost ad rev or B. Can provide but not advertise paying online on the twitter website ($2 profit per purchase at $8)

  50. Twitter needs Apple a whole lot more than Apple needs Twitter. Elon fails to realize he's alienating apples tech savvy consumers in favor of MAGA tech illiterates.

  51. His idea of go to war is to spend billions on a smart phone that seventy two people will buy. He's out of his league unless he gets a lot more help.

  52. Yeah no way Apple is losing this lol, multi trillion company with the best lawyers probably. Apple has enough money to buy Twitter (41 billion which is roughly 2% of their value) Good luck Elon, free marketing for Apple

  53. He has too much on his plate already. Does he really believe he can create a profitable iPhone and Android competitor too?

  54. This reminds me of what we've already seen from publishers like Ubisoft and EA leaving Steam to start their own storefronts because they didn't want to pay Valve's 30% sales fee, then eventually came crawling back to Steam because, who'da thunk it?, 30% of sales is actually less than the price to host and maintain your own storefront and server infrastructure.

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