What Are Your Moves Tomorrow, November 28, 2022

  1. There are people who don’t have an inner monologue and/or have no mental imagery. Just close their eyes and enter a void of nothingness, idk how you’d live like that

  2. What are your thoughts on oragenics? Does it have a real possibility of becoming a meme stocks and to increase its value?

  3. GT should drop a little but otherwise, good time to buy and hold for 4-8 years. Hopefully it drops to about $7-9$. Then should be a good entry point. Should go back to $20 in about 5-7 years.

  4. Jimmy chill is such a pos with that question at yunis. “Well china could just shoot them all” like he literally doesn’t care of his questions get this woman doing 5 years hard labor.

  5. I complain relentlessly about the west authoritarianism and Reddit bans me frequently. I also speak about russias, chinas, the middles easts. Authoritarianism anywhere is bad lol

  6. Anyone that says “Santa Rally” have probably not been through puberty yet I’m guessing. Sorry guys but I’m here to say Santa is not real

  7. Fuck holding options overnight. Sucks I gotta start the trading week in a hole because of an overnight gap down. Shit feels so shitty

  8. I wonder if that's the related to the banking and housing collapse that has been so expertly hushed up over there. Like, there's a lot of pressure on the average worker in China.

  9. Just imagine if China dragged out this covid shit for almost 3 years now and now they say "OH you guys dont like all the brutalwity and fascism's? My bad you can come out of your buildings now. We were wong were sowy.

  10. In case you think China will lighten up with the lockdowns and shit like that, they won't. They cannot afford to. Because if they give in to these protests/riots, then the people will learn that they are capable of changing things if they push hard enough. It would be the end of the regime if china folds here, so you can expect some pretty insane shit coming out of China in the coming weeks. Gonna be lots of disappearances. Hopefully they are decentralized because any standout protesters/leaders are going become examples.

  11. Lmao that last part is funny. Doubt it really spirals out of control tho. Sanctions on China akin to those on Russia would also never happen unless they started outright gassing their people in broad daylight

  12. russian chat are screming that govermnt do not allow to buy equipment from china anymore. ( for private person crowfundign gear to soldiers). so dont know about that part.

  13. Strangles were cheap on Friday. Should I book profit at open (in case the market doesn't go up) or hold the puts?

  14. Will QQQ break $281? The magic line in the sand. Going to be an exciting day. $DXY is getting obliterated when /NQ is dying that's weird af

  15. We really should have let communism spread and maybe even disseminated it. Instead dummy presidents of the past tried to stop it. Think about all of the failed economies that would have been vulnerable by now due to a failure of economic policy. We could have benefited greatly by exploiting them in their weakened state 😂

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