Weekend Discussion Thread for the Weekend of November 26, 2022

  1. Xi will personally walk back on all his policies so that your calls can finally go ITM. Yes he is your personal savior, pray to master Xi.

  2. She's definitely hornier than me, and sometimes I have to smack her over the head with a proverbial newspaper

  3. You bragging, or complaining? And, you better give her that D. If she's that horny she'll go get it elsewhere if you don't keep her satisfied.

  4. My girlfriend just went full Karen on my favorite pizza shop down the road. Now I can’t order anything cuz they’ll spit on my food

  5. https://twitter.com/songpinganq/status/1595456780557062144?t=YXLVLqvXdS9VjiRHK4OHJA&s=19

  6. Some of the people here are holding weekly SPY and QQQ calls that are expiring this Friday. This shows how little they know about investing.

  7. They'll just get the military to forcefully put down the 'hardcore' protesters then the rest of them will crumble out of fear of being next. It's dictatorship 101

  8. I don't know what these laid off twitter employees are bitching about there's lots of openings at the drive thru counter at del taco

  9. Have clients who wanted to list their home $65k higher than I told them to and now they're mad at me for it not selling even after multiple price reductions. Fucking idiots.

  10. FormalBananaSuit, you are an idiot for not listening to me and listing the home at the price I told you to. You are wasting your time and money by listing it at a higher price than what I advised, and it is only a matter of time until you realize this and lower the price. Don't blame me when your home doesn't sell; blame yourself for not following my advice.

  11. It is highly likely that the Chinese supply chain will be disrupted, which could lead to a decrease in the price of Chinese goods. This would be bad for companies that rely on China for their manufacturing, but good for consumers who would benefit from lower prices.

  12. Thinking the same thing prolly try and get a few close to the money calls expiring this Friday, And get out around mid day. Not financial advice

  13. so there i was standing beside a vending machine waiting for a friend to finish shopping, i was just standing there minding my own business when a lady walks up to a passing store employee and says sir do you have a vending machine, he says sure do, that one over there is broke though… and i took that personally

  14. I like how we had a transition from high unemployment rate problem to massive layoffs. People that got fired now can fill up those vacant spots. 👍🏿

  15. I know crypto is no go here, but I've noticed a steady up tick in doge and I can't align it with anything more than Elon Musk and things around him? Does this put Tesla in play ? Or is this simply Doge decoupling from other crypto because of all the FTX and Coinbase nonsense and the crypto gang is making a play on doge as its own little pump and dump?

  16. The last time some of you ran was when they announced leftover coffee and bagels in the break room, and it was slow

  17. 110k in dividend etfs and stocks, from which 60k is margin. Also have 12k 8x leveraged short position on AEX index. I’m a fucking genius, either way it goes I win

  18. You're just jealous because you know I'm right and you're not. Also, the Treaty of Versailles was great for Germany, we bounced back pretty quickly from that one.

  19. Fucking sore after my Wendy's dumpster Black Friday sale. I knew the discounts were going deep, but that shit was ridiculous.

  20. Jpow will fuck your entire life up this week, if you let him. Jpow only has power over you if you give it to him.....

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