Chinese Foxconn workers facing off against police at the largest iPhone factory. Puts on AAPL.

  1. Yeah. China's establishment has been pushing it too far for too long. Their GDP and progress is built on the backs of slave wage labor... now, here we are.

  2. I've been there. Those places are horrible. Windows above third floor are sealed and buildings have suicide netting. I've seen sixteen engineers elbow-to-elbow on plastic chairs and folding tables in a room the size of my bedroom. At some point, the people realize they have power in numbers. I wouldn't call it slavery but it's definitely oppressive.

  3. Slavery is involuntary and poor working conditions by definition isn’t slavery. There is, however, slave labour taking place. It is not in Foxconn, it is in sweatshops. People don’t get bullwhipped, but they have ”debts” to people who own them until the debt is paid off. That is how slavery works.

  4. What's crazy is that people want these type of governments in the US, equalling even more suffrage as you have described with work qualities, in essence yes it is slavery. Yeah, crazy times to live in. The "socialist communists" really need to visit these countries that are what they want to emulate and look at the actual conditions instead of the "shiny portrayal" that they provide.

  5. I was just at a dinner and some Boomer was telling me to bet on China. I told him he hasn't been fucking paying attention

  6. There really isn't much hypocrisy. Having a modern cell phone in modern day society has become such a norm its almost necessary. You can feel free to want the people making your necessary device to have decent pay and working conditions.

  7. Foxconn is poison. Ask the Wisconsin people who had their properties taken for a Foxconn property that did not fully develop, courtesy of a deal brokered by the former governor.

  8. Scott Walker and Donald Trump? Bulldozing over poor people in the pursuit of more money for the insanely rich? Surely you jest.

  9. I was in China back in January for work. They are Tyvek suits worn to theoretically protect themselves from COVID. And yes, they look even more stupid and ridiculous in real life than they do on video. We always referred to them as "marshmallow men".

  10. the entire factory is on covid lockdown i think. people were leaving the factory to avoid all the issues and they started offering huge bonuses to get people to stay.

  11. Most workers walked out. They brought a new batch of workers promising them $3000 bonus for coming in and when they went in, they gave them $350. Classic bait and switch.

  12. wait!!!!! this is china??????? and I dont see a single tank in sight? Seriously I think some big shit might behappening in china soon, I haven't seen a protest like this in a long time in china.

  13. Those are “big whites” not police. They are the “Health Workers” who are abusive and horrible but that is Government imposed powers - not Foxcon.

  14. So what exactly is this all about? I’ve seen a few videos and pictures over the past 2 weeks or whatever but I haven’t heard much about why

  15. Where are the CCP tanks? We should respect how they want to run their country. Every country without exception has the government it deserves. I personally love their zero COVID policies. Hope they keep them forever. It has been so much easier to travel to Europe without running into zillions of Chinese tourists.

  16. Is this today or the other day? I feel like apple with have to lose a high percentage of their slave force before there is a meaningful stock impact. Might be too early for puts

  17. I'm only buying Puts when all these Chinese Foxconn workers finally remove their COVID masks. That's when you know sh!t is getting real and it's about to go down. We're not quite there yet.

  18. The Chinese government has totally failed to consider the adverse psychological effect of locking people down for an extended period of time.

  19. If this was any other chinese company these protest would have been crushed a long time ago and nobody would have noticed, but because they make iPhones there are a lot of western eyes on this conflict and the CCP is trying to not lose face.

  20. I just saw some announcement about how much Ryan cohen owns of AAPL was recently released. Curious how this combines with the news above? Y’all seem to love that guy here so I have a hard time believing someone would put AAPL based on humanitarian rights? Why start caring now?

  21. I’ve had puts since the beginning of the week. Apple has been holding steady, even pushing higher on bad news for a few weeks now. My puts lost money

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