Justin Hammer of EVs

  1. A close family member worked for him as a lawyer for one of his companies, and the dude was always a prick. He paid people pennies compared to other companies, and consistently put profit and positive PR over the safety of his consumers.

  2. He’s revealed himself to be a petty petulant child. He makes statements and moves that wreck investor value because he thinks he owns everything. I would be very wary of investing into his companies because he had no qualms running a stock into the ground on the basis of some personal beef or out of a fit of tantrum.

  3. This is more correct. I never saw him as Tony. I actually saw him more as Lex Luther then Tony or Weyland. He has fallen off so much he just shows I had to much confidence in him.

  4. I was actually surprised the first time I heard musk speak. it was around the time that those alien videos came out on YouTube where wayland was giving those Ted talks and I just assumed musk was like him. I only thought that because of how Reddit hyped him up. I was never impressed with the guy

  5. He's more like Doctor Evil trying to find the button to drop SCOTT! into the fire pit, while Frau Farbissina bats at his hand.

  6. This is exactly it. Musk wants to think of himself like a real-life Tony Stark. He just doesn't have the self-awareness to know he doesn't have the charisma, charm, intelligence, or sense of humor that RDJ's Stark does. So he just trolls on Twitter like a 4chan neckbeard thinking he's accomplishing something.

  7. Justin Hammer can light up a stage, and he'd probably an excellent, albeit insufferable, poster; not a 3rd rate reply guy.

  8. I had a friend legitimately tell me he considered Musk to be like Tony Stark. This was right around the time Musk started upping the antics and saying/doing real stupid shit. Anyways I equated him to Lex Luthor but never really felt that worked cuz Luthor actually knows wtf he doing. About a week later im talking to my comic book friend and it clicked that Musk really is the Justin Hammer of our world, a loud mouth man child who somehow is still in charge of XYZ thing

  9. Not sure why anyone thought Tesla would make good vehicles. It takes a long time to learn how to make a good vehicle.

  10. He literally never actually got a STEM degree. During the discovery phase of the Twitter lawsuit they got written statements from UPenn and Stanford. UPenn only found an economics degree and a mysterious 'blank' degree that looked suspicious, and Stanford said they had no degrees or anything on file.

  11. Seriously? I knew he was never an engineer but him having a BS in Physics and Economics, then apparently starting a PhD in Physics is all over the internet. Hilarious if that's all made up.

  12. If Sam Rockwell is the villain I turn into then imma try to live forever. As President of the Galaxy I'll be giving out free Pan Galactic Gargle Balsters

  13. None. Don’t care what they say but every billionaire got some extremely lucky break somewhere that turned them into billionaires.

  14. Depends entirely what their field is. If they are only rich because they move money around, having no money stops them from being rich. If they are rich because they create something that people want, then all they have to do is create more stuff that people want.

  15. It's funny cause there used to be all these videos about how Elon Musk is so caring and misunderstood. I think there's even an interview where he cries about the plight of the world or something dumb, and I was a little convinced. I even tried to look past the bitter cave saga where he basically just got mad cause he was told to fuck off.

  16. Elon fans coping and crying and bitching here because they still think he’s the second coming of Jesus and not the alt-right obsessed fraud he turned out to be.

  17. I remember when this place was a bunch of dudes calling themselves tards and cucks... I thought it was jokes but I’ve realized that it wasn’t.

  18. Ever since this sub got popular it took a quick turn toward the typical reddit simp/left. It's so predictable that whatever the prevailing opinion of NPR writers are becomes the opinion of a large portion of reddit.

  19. 100%. Elon was tweeting the same ridiculous shit like “the stock price was too high” and “Taking Tesla private at 420” back in the day. I have a lot of Tesla posts from 2018/2019 here and he wasn’t as beloved as people make him out to be in this thread.

  20. On wsb of all the places. People here made so much money on tsla calls and called it free money and now they don't like him anymore because he shitposts on twitter? Give me a break.

  21. I don’t think so, in 2016, Tesla was seen as innovative. It still is but that was when it was still fresh. Elon didn’t start doing crazy stuff publicly. At least not like now. I made a lot of money off Tesla. Then when Elon started doing stuff like the submarine fiasco, that’s when I thought, hey..this guy, yikes. And now here we are.

  22. Wrong. My perspective of Elon changed after he called that guy a pedo for no reason. I really liked him before that. That's no reddit/twitter circlejerk. He's also stepped into the public a lot more after 2016 and now people are getting to really understand who he is.

  23. https://www.reddit.com/r/redditmoment/comments/yv0xln/i_dont_like_it_so_it_must_be_a_redditmoment/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=ios_app&utm_name=iossmf

  24. Don't you love the effect the media has on people it decided to hyperfocus on and then the effect it has on the people? Step on establishment toes, you get the trump and Joe rogan effect.

  25. The proportion of actual damage Musk's actions have caused relative to the amount of outrage is insane. There's like two-four actual genocides going on right now around the world and Musk gets more hate than all of those regimes put together lol

  26. Yeah everyone hates musk now because he quit toeing the party line. Reddit is full of redditers. Elon musk is still a hero to humanity even if he did let orange man back on Twitter.

  27. But I mean, they want to be hyper-focused on by the media. That’s why they say/tweet outrageous things. They are covered by the MSM because ‘Elon/Trump did or said something stupid or childish again’. Then they turn around and say how unfair it all is even though most public figures say a fraction of a fraction of the stupid shit they say.

  28. Other billionaires understand that they are better served staying out of public ire. Elon is too dumb and narcissistic for that.

  29. People usually pay attention to who is the richest at the moment. I remember when people talked about Jeff Bezos 6 years straight until Elon overtook him as richest person in the world.

  30. They do. Steve jobs was hated by all of Reddit before he died. And then they made fun of him for not getting cancer treatment, or being a dick to his daughter. It was…actually really similar to Musk.

  31. Other billionaires didnt get sucked off by this sub for years. I am very glad all the current elon dick riders feel uncomfortable seeing this shit.

  32. Like someone said recently: “if you’re the CEO of three different companies at once, that just tells me the CEO doesn’t do that much”.

  33. The other 4 business are probably like oh thank god, he’s gone to fuck up twitter. We can spend less time managing him and more time managing the company.

  34. I don’t hate Elon, I just think he’s changed which happens with most people. Some change for good and some for bad. I think he’s a sharp guy and has some great ideas but maybe (and I don’t think any of us know exactly who he keeps close to him as far as business & innovation) he may have surrounded himself with enablers who don’t question anything he does.

  35. Couldn't agree more with this statement and am absolutely perplexed at why it's such a woefully unpopular sentiment in so many forums.

  36. Typical. “Oh no he doesn’t do or say everything I like so he’s actually hitler now. All of you were on his dick until he had a difference of opinion.

  37. Reddit echo chamber is going to look so silly when Twitter becomes profitable and successful like Musk's other ventures. There's no point in arguing like a bunch of tards below, time will tell.

  38. I could be wrong, but I think so too. Long term investors got a sweetheart deal from musk because he offered too early. It seems pretty evident that the former management was running the company awfully. But even still I think he'll turn a profit.

  39. Omg thank you! I finally found the sane people on Reddit. I am just shocked by the weird anti-Elon rhetoric. My sister and I just shouted at each other because she tried to say he is obligated to make some statement against racism because he grew up rich in South Africa during the apartheid. Like I’m sorry what? Agree racism bad, but why is the apartheid his fault and why do you think you (we’re white btw lol) think he owes anyone an apology or acknowledgment of that? Idiots

  40. Then the same people will just attack whatever his newest idea is. He's pretty much delivered on anything he ever said, probably 95% if you apply enough time.

  41. It’s amusing or maybe disingenuous how much he brags that “Tesla doesn’t advertise” given how much he’s used a PR firm to establish the myth of Elon. And as a result Elon is Tesla and all Elon does is advertise Elon.

  42. He was someone to look up too he let his political views screw him up he's lost in his own mind now. We lost a man that had big dreams for the human race.a man that was doing great things he has to much on his plate..

  43. Congratulations welcome to reality. Superheroes don't exist and advanced technology is never designed and built by 1 man.

  44. I feel like he dropped the whole Tesla thing and is now just having fun with his power and influence right? Sucks for everyone that believed in the mission

  45. Don’t give a fuck about Elon. But I do love driving my fucking Tesla and the fact that it ignited me to buy 1,500 TSLA shares (post splits) back in Nov 2019. Literally 2 days after buying the car because I loved the product so much. I’m fundamentally in TSLA because I loved the product. That decision has turned out to be a good one and I believe will continue to be a good one. TSLA will only grow from here. I think people on this sub have such a strong herd mentality that they decided that Elon was a bad character and now want to see anything Elon related fail.

  46. Pioneer in electric vehicles and not even boast about saving the environment. To own a Tesla is a status symbol and they do it very quickly too. No other car manufacturer would have made the change had it not been for Tesla to make it popular. Took all the risk while all these other manufacturers had the money but decided against it

  47. Wow you so cool you don't like Elon now like everybody. Like it's some sort of media driven trashing campain. What has he done seriously beside buying the worst social media of the pandemic to try and fix it? Even if he's not able what should we have done? Nothing?

  48. The ignorance in this thread is astonishing. Name one CEO that slept in his factory for 3 years working 20 hr days every day. Elons pace would melt every loser in here. Get back to your burger flipping and complaining about your lack of handouts. Pathetic

  49. Lol. How to say "I was an idiot with a victim complex and probably still am," with absolutely zero self awareness.

  50. His net worth went from 10B in 2016 to 175-200B this year. He doesn’t give a single shit what anyone thinks about him lol.

  51. OP might as well scream "I'm a regard with no critical thoughts. My opinions are that of the hive mind". Iron man is the only good billionaire because as far as we know he's literally working a billion times harder than anyone else. It is absolutely pathetic to think real-life billionaires are anything but leeches.

  52. All these Elon Hate posts from accounts less than 3 years old that joined after WSB became famous via CNBC … thanks for nothing Jim Cramer now this subreddit has become a socialist hellhole …. Fucking Commie Plague

  53. Apartheid Clyde is the biggest dork on a site he overpaid for. Dude tries so hard to be funny but will never be. Nothing but a meme/idea thief.

  54. if you think the value of speech on the most important social media site in the world is less than 44b youre delusional

  55. The premise that if you hate Musk you’re a liberal shows how much of a failure he is. His businesses shouldn’t attract political controversy (and quite frankly should go the other way if anything).

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