Daily Discussion Thread for November 23, 2022

  1. sold my calls. Friday will probably be hulk green but I need realized gains to brag about at the Thanksgiving table tomorrow

  2. We got to leave work early today and usually there's a middle aged version of Kyler "Cum" Quinn who takes the same commuter line.... I wonder if I will see her today 🤔

  3. Well short of another stray missile or any black swan event, it’s prolly going to continue downwards until CPI week. If your bag holding, that might be a chance to get out at break even or slightly more.

  4. rentered some semi puts on the rebound. Betting China throws some shitty news over thanksgiving about COVID. Also think dxy is ripe for a bounce.

  5. So if you look across multiple charts for multiple companies all that happened today was almost every stock I looked at just got brought back up to right around the highs from CPI day, and then they got stopped out and just stood there. Idk if it’s good or bad volume was so low, but it’s pretty clear what the Algos were programmed to do today.

  6. My sister invited me to thanksgiving w strangers. F that, solo T day for me watching planes trains & automobiles and booze

  7. Everyone gonna be 10lbs heavier after tomorrow. For men, this is when women realize they have no other options and feel fat, so now is your chance to make that move.

  8. Wanted to jump in here teal quick and say that news is reporting today's put to call ratio is only the 3rd time since 97 the puts outnumber the calls and the market went up 1% . Yahoo is saying it's a major major bull flag as the other two times , markets exploded moving forward from that day. Dontvknow if applicable here with Fed and inflation and all, just a heads up

  9. Folks if we have learned anything this year its that there is nothing holding up this economy but vibes. And you don't want to be short a vibes-based economy into the holidays.

  10. Well boys, the recession that never began is almost over. Thank God. Looking forward to the face ripping 2023 bull market.

  11. Yea, probably the big dick who painted that 35 million dollar green candle on the last minute of the trading session. Paying a premium to make sure he doesn't get ass fucked.

  12. My account is down 50% this week but volume is dying out, momentum is dying out, and I think my puts are gonna be alright :,)

  13. The "behind the dumpster job" is becoming more realistic by the day... just gambled my full paycheck to 0 , 3 weeks in a row, and I live paycheck to paycheck

  14. Stagflation usually results in losing the dollar strength which results in losing the power on the global stage. Stagflation isn't gonna happen

  15. any of you non pathetic basement dwellers ever dry brine a chicken ? trying it my first time. I rarely cook a whole chicken so curious if you do the baking powder +salt thing that Kenji Lopez suggests. I still want to stuff some herb butter under the skin afterwards, not sure how that will effect it though.

  16. I only dry brine anymore, super easy and turns out great. Sea salt, black pepper, garlic powder & onion powder. Apply to the outside of the bird and leave uncovered in the fridge overnight before cooking. If you're grilling I recommend spatchcocking the bird for faster & more even cooking. If you've got a smoker, even better!

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