Daily Discussion Thread for November 22, 2022

  1. Thinking c o IN. Is set to go. One this ftx thing settles andod December rules around. I think we rally. It lag the put during the prior rally and is beat down to much imo.

  2. Astute analysis. I found out this week that Meta makes a video game platform now. And it’s literally just the Occulus Rift but it’s called Meta for some reason.

  3. I mean how low do semi stocks need to go before you’re convinced it’s normal? Most of these stocks have taken a 50%+ haircut while still making money hand over fist, which is a lot more to say than what most companies have going on.

  4. I just want you morons to realize, the fact that the Fed seems to be changing their tone so fast isn’t a good thing. Full on Recession right around the corner.

  5. Once you see a few "who's buying this" posts that's when you absolutely know we're running for at least another week. 410 here we come!

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