Daily Discussion Thread for November 21, 2022

  1. That s the remaining team?In other weeks they we re so full of regards here and now almost I can see my comment since a week

  2. where are those dickweeds who said my ZM short was fucked? i told you to fucking hold! dont trust after hours pumps boys

  3. US soccer will never be truly successful because the best athletes are spread out among many professional sports in the US. For most countries in the World Cup, football (soccer) is the only game in town.

  4. Shit we missed the last WC because we couldn't beat a tiny ass island nation with 1 million people. Literally used to this shit but most Americans are like wait the WC is on?

  5. Soup kichen that bitch, put in a 6 hour shift stuffing food boxes or whatever and never have to deal with this again

  6. Fed minutes Wednesday 2pm et… last FOMC powell tone was super hawkish, I’ll play puts tomorrow at close

  7. Frankly, if the US was to win the world cup that means every other country on Earth must have players with no legs because the US team is always dogshit awful

  8. I remember in like 2016 we did decently good and holy fuck was NYC fun then. I’m not even a soccer/football fan but every bar in the city just came alive and there was this awesome energy.

  9. The British are cheating to get in the World Cup. Why are England and Wales both there. In the Olympics they do as the “UK”

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