Meet the "Legend" he is way ahead of us and belongs in the "Hall of Fame" he has lost 15 billion or near 95 percent in under 24 hours. Who can top that?

  1. I remember I was sitting butt naked there on the couch watching my stock go up up up, nutted right there on those cushions...I was THE KiING. Now look at me, two shitty commas!!

  2. Anyway, next thing you know, we IPO, stock triples in a day and AOL gobbles us up. All of a sudden, I'm 22 years young and I'm worth 1.2 billion. Now a couple decades later, I'm worth 1.4. You do the math.

  3. I'd feel less nervous having my whole net worth in Ritz crackers stored on a New Jersey boardwalk with seagulls flying nearby...

  4. All it will take is Jim Cramer having new found bullishness on Robinhood to bankrupt SBF’s Net Worth 😬

  5. Poor guy is gonna have to live with 8 roommates, and eat ramen for the rest of his life. Who wants to start a GoFundMe for him?

  6. There are 20.000 or so of them so yeah, easy af and anyone can do it in a day. The trick is to convince people to buy the shitcoin through clever marketing by using nonsensical terms such as web3, blockchain technology, NFT, better than Bitcoin etc. My favorite nonsense is calling your scam decentralized knowing that it's anything but decentralized

  7. In 2019 Alamadea (FTX) attacked Binance, Binance says good job and invests in FTX, 2021 CZ cashed out all in preferred FTX tokens, 2022 dump tokens pick up FTX for cheap. CZ serves it back cold. Thanks for the free company.

  8. Hey some dumb shit who just won the lotto is Richer than him in a day, money means shit these days especially if you're addicted to gambling

  9. I think they’re saying the small position he had in HOOD, relative to his portfolio, is now 75% of his portfolio because he lost his ass in shitcoins.

  10. As a holder of bitcoin, I am happy to take a 10% hit to my crypto holdings in order to watch that asshole lose 95% of his portfolio.

  11. He’s not wrong, sexy time with him would be disgusting. A woman is picturing the pool boy and her bank account if he is laying on top of her.

  12. Guy was also openly saying he was committed to donating heavily to democrats. Democrats just lost 5-10mil in 2024 donations. Have to lay low with that amount of cash

  13. He still have 990m to clean up the tears, totally worth it in the end, wish to get punch like that and wake up with 990m

  14. He did say he was going to give away most of his fortune so it being part of a liquidation event he's giving his money away man of his word. 😂

  15. Im gonna make so much leveraged money that i can help the whole wide world aaannnnnnd its gone… oh shit i made people worse off?

  16. The thing that gets me is that just recently he was on CNBC basically being treated like a financial luminary and savior... proof that the only credential the financial media needs is money to project a sense of expertise.

  17. On one hand, fuck billionaires. Their net worth is inflated as fuck and they usually make it through exploiting others. This guy is kind of different I guess? Made his fortune through crypto which is volatile as fuck. But I guess he lives pretty humbly and wants to donate a lot of his money to charities?

  18. This sucks just because he is a good dude and legit plans on giving away 99.9% of that wealth. Dude lives in a tiny apartment and drives a toyota Camry. I hope STONKS gO bAk uP.

  19. Omg, I can’t believe you guys buy into this “wealth” giveaway! They pledge to give it at a future date. Then they set up trusts and foundations that their heirs oversee and they “donate” billions into these trusts. Their heirs pay themselves lavish salaries and perks. The money doesn’t go anywhere, like to actual charities and institutions. And they get tax breaks to boot. (Buffett might be the one exception. His heirs get 10 million and the rest is going to the Gates foundation. Which just means another rich chud hangs his money over everyone’ head.). Bezos’s ex-wife seems to be the only one really giving it away.

  20. Hopefully he’s not using RH to trade. Kenny will tell Vlad shut off his buy button and Sammy will be a poor by this time next week.

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