Daily Discussion Thread for October 18, 2022

  1. Wait till every fund in the world tries to dump Netflix tommorow at this juicy price. They know shits going downhill and will act accordingly

  2. Actually bought more contracts perfectly at both dips…today was a scary but successful day I thought I was gonna get fucked…NFLX currently saving my TQQQ and hopefully TSLA position tom

  3. Can't wait to see what sorcery AMD will perform tomorrow in order fall with the market rallying yet again.

  4. Imagine if the us market is a year behind the China market. That would put us around complacency. Maybe I should model my investments from baba. Shit we would still have like 1 year before we are fucked.

  5. With NFLX earnings, I just switched my position from SQQQ to TQQQ - now there’s a guaranteed bloodbath tomorrow! Already up $22…this feels really odd.

  6. Dead cat bounce. That's all there is too it. Good earnings is bad, fed will be more hawkish. They want a recession and will continue to tighten until we get one. Don't fight the fed. Is it that complicated?

  7. Bruh how am I zero for FOUR??? It’s a 50/50 chance in this market, up or down, how have I gotten it wrong every single time

  8. Bruh how am I zero for FOUR???? It’s a 50/50 chance in this market , up or down, how have I gotten it wrong every single time

  9. wow - i'm glad i bought 1 NFLX call. But, dang - shoulda got the one on my watchlist or added a second. Was flirting with adding another 10/21exp $285c at $2.58/ea but didn't pull the trigger. Oh well.

  10. I had a feeling Netflix was gonna moon. Traders were selling during market hours just to hedge a really bad earnings report.

  11. Lmao joined the discord earlier got busy with work just opened discord to see what’s on the group to find out I’m kicked out! Sounds fun already 😂

  12. Dead cat bounce. Nothing new. Nflx lowers guidance and are losing customers. I'm not buying anything and will short when I feel a top is in. Glad I realized over 100% ytd gains from my puts. Still got 10k in monthly puts that will probably bleed

  13. Swimming up stream. Inflation, interest rates, high gas prices, wars, climate disasters, revolutions, collapsing economies. I think we all know how this ends. 🐻 🐻 🐻

  14. Wasn't record earnings and they lowered their guidance massively suggesting that the recession impacts are still to come.

  15. Lol it's a $7 dollar subscription. The poorest of Appalachian mouth breathers could afford that. It's recession friendly.

  16. Bull rally tomorrow, TSLA delivers blowout earnings, we moon out of the galaxy 🌌, then SNAP delivers insane results on Thursday, Google and FB moon as a result, non stop bull market till end of 2025 🚀 🌙

  17. I smell a knee jerk reaction on this NFLX beat. With no more sub guidance, they're basically admitting they're losing customers. Advertisers won't like that.

  18. They beat their earnings expectations, subscribed many new users, and the stock had been priced in for bad results.

  19. Foreal I'm such a pussy I wanted to buy ntflx calls just because of how beaten down it has been but didn't pull the trigger. Only cuz the IV was freaking insane!!! Good job to all the ppl who got bigger balls then me tho. And for the ppl who bought puts RIP lol

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