Daily Discussion Thread for October 13, 2022

  1. Just explain what if you were to buy bulk gasoline, and you wanted to guarantee a price in the future. The vendor would allow this but would inform you that there is a premium associated with this contract.

  2. Because emotions are one of the biggest factors that you have to manage in trading. You might be a good trader if you pretend your real account is paper account but you might blow it up lmfao.

  3. Don't believe the puts selling explanation. Someone still has to buy to raise prices. Even if all those puts were executed, no reason to believe it would rise, especially above the midpoint.

  4. Yesterday price action was simple - market opened below Put wall. That spiked massive amounts of profit taking on puts and new calls being sold. Essentially a delta squeeze that ripped the market.

  5. Who is swapping from puts to calls during an absolute avalanche of selling? (Not just a few retail nerds, we are talking Trillions in liquidity to move the entire market).

  6. Probably gap up on bank news (bad news is good news) and then drill to the Earth's core. Capitulation Monday. Or gap up Friday, hold gains, gap up Monday and drill Tuesday

  7. I mean if you're in for the long game just lump on the Dow. But since you're a degenerate gambler just go to the casino.

  8. How was this reversal not painfully obvious to you dolts? Market makers and banks have been reversing bearish positions for the last 6 months. If you didn’t learn in august, then you shouldn’t be doing this.

  9. Market was heavily into puts last week prepping for today. Puts went in the money. Profits were scalped. Market makers removed short positions as puts were closed. Some daytraders bought calls on the way up. All in all, rubber band go boing.

  10. "Despite its ominous name, the death cross is not a market milestone worth dreading. Market history suggests it tends to precede a near-term rebound with above-average returns."

  11. I just spoke with Harvey Weinstein. He said I could interview him in the conjugal visit room at the prison. I’m excited

  12. MMs been teasing to dump over the weeks just to do this on CPI day. They sold so many puts and now they are making sure its not going to print

  13. You bears need to take a look how overbought those puts are and face reality. I predicted the MMs were going to do fuckery today and it happened. If you didnt hedge, you are regarded

  14. I mean that's all well and good but market makers can move the market with low volume but when shit hits the fan those puts are gonna pay. That's why so many people are buying them. They predict shit is hitting the fan. They think the music has stopped.

  15. Here is some advice: Don’t play this game if you < 25k. Day trades are so significantly important especially short term plays like today where a quick open / close is the smartest way to lock gains. If I had 25k, I’d be rich.

  16. I have long dated puts (12/16) and planned on selling when my acct got to 25k so I could finally day trade. I was at 23500 when it reversed

  17. I was shocked to see someone in here mentioning that they used their 3 day trades. Having unlimited day trades was the only way I could salvage the day today.

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