Can’t hold this f*** in BBBY bag any longer , paper handed with ‘ONLY 16k loss’. I thought i’d be able retire early if it ever hits $200. FML , 7k left, what do i do to recoup my 80k loss ytd??

  1. Thats what I did after loosing $6k in 2-3monts. Left my job to succes at this shit but nop. Back to normal work.

  2. My friends got a girlfriend and he hates that bitch. He tells me every day. He says "man I really gotta lose my chick in the worst kind of way."

  3. Or buy BBBY calls. When the capitulation posts start popping up on WSB, dead cat bounce coming in. Last dead cat bounce went to 30 o.O.

  4. i'll take ahold of those! I actually like bbby at these prices. Im buying calls and shares today. They are projected to be cash positive in two months. Share price is a Lock to double by eoy. OP about to be even Bigger Mad.

  5. Everyone always says this bullshit. It spreads the myth that carry-forward tax losses are capped at $3000. They really aren’t. Go fuck your self

  6. It is, you can get 900$ in MA for 8 donations in one month through BioLife plasma. Their promotions changes every month but it’s always north of 800$. You can’t only get that deal one time though.

  7. Lol this post makes me realize i dont even need to look or respond to the remindmes! Thats i set on absolutely regarded posts ppl made about it going to three digits.. they must all be panicking 🤣🤣

  8. Oh this comment section is gona be lit. Lost 16k on BBBY, what to do to recoup 80k loss??? Bro sounds like not trading securities is a sure bet for starters.

  9. I don’t even care what it does in the long-term that much but if it squeezed tomorrow to like $60 just to spite this guy that would be golden.

  10. They can't talk about it anymore cus of the market cap lol, you can visit the BBBY reddit if you wanna hear about cohens secret twitter messages hinting at the real plan and other such DD

  11. Not sure why you thought a towel store with coasters sometimes in stock and that’s going out of business would hit $200 from $4

  12. Did the people that bought it ever walk into one? If post partum depression was ever packaged and sold in a box that boasted “as seen on tv” it would have its own fucking section at Buy Buy Baby.

  13. The same people who thought a failing cinema company who has little to no power over the people who supply the films was going to be as big as Apple through selling popcorn.

  14. I quit those pump and dumps I rode one up unexpectedly when I first started investing then I tried BBBY and got burned now I’m investing in long term

  15. When the money printer turns off so do the moons. Pay more attention to what’s going on outside and you would have realized the smart money sold last year. Everything now are bear market traps.

  16. Look at it this way you lost 16k but at least you're not in a stock cult, there's people in those cults down 50, 100k who are sure they're going to be millionaires, you can now move on with your life

  17. Man. Who would have thought putting all of your money I to a struggling big box store that sells towel wouldn't have been your ticket to financial freedom

  18. I also lost 7k on bbby and trying to make it Back. Could get Back 2,5k but now im down 8k. I think we should Just Stop

  19. Hold your losses in cash and wait 6 months. Buy anything reputable and forget about it. BBBY 🙈🤠...that's some dumb shit there

  20. Dude, any chance of the squeeze died with the CEO of bed bath and beyond. The only hope for bbby is a real brick and mortar entity buying it all and even then you need to move the decimal point cuz 200 is a wish wrapped in a dream hiding behind my exwifes clitoris, never found it.

  21. Probably delete Reddit. Because that was never going to happen. Like not ever. The text you aren’t joking? And actually thought somehow over time a bed bath and beyond store would hit 200… is another level.

  22. Learn how to read charts and don’t gamble on these dumb meme stocks. SPY options are cheap start small don’t go all in. Set and achieve small targets. Slow and steady wins.

  23. Stop listening to posts by internet cults around stocks. They’re filled with brain rotten people who are addicted to gambling and who will probably always be. Get some help

  24. you seriously thought Bed Bath and Beyond would go from a market cap of $423 million to almost $17 Billion??? you belong here 😂

  25. Lol damn dude, I panic sold the second I found out RC sold for real. And I thought I was dumb for not selling earlier that week. Lost about $400. But $16k? Fuck

  26. You thought BBBY would hit a valuation of $200 per share? Holy jumping shitballs….there’s a major perception issue there and revealed lack of understanding of how this all works. Please read up more and quit following chat board recommendations. They’re all lemmings heading over a cliff with their wall-street lottery tickets.

  27. Enjoy the tax benefits of being a shitty investor. If you can't afford to be a shitty investor stop buying shit meme stocks and dump your money into index funds like the rest of civilized society.

  28. Whatever you do, just don't try to recoup your loss by doing the same thing that caused it. You fucked up big time, this will take a lot of grieving, but the way back isn't easy just because the way down was. Your safest bet is to get a good job.

  29. trash company that became meme stock probably just becouse BBBY sounds like baby.... it's like pump and dump schemes.... they promote it saying they buying but they just want you to pump it so they sell at top... it's not like GME where people got nostalgia about it and actually don't want it to go out of bussnies..

  30. Man you must be the last 1 holding that SHIT!!!! You keeping the stock afloat Man! What you should with the rest is go to your local bar keep buying a glass of beer 🍺 you'll eventually find the answer at the bottom of the glass

  31. Not to send negative energy here but I just sold 4000 from 5000 of mine with a loss of 31000$. Saved myself $20000. I was stupid that I didn't set stop loss whn I bought it at 12.65 and saw it draining everyday. Its my hard earned money from job not from stock so didnt want to see it all go. Take the risk which you can digest happily.

  32. Stop following the crowd.. stop trying to hit a homerun, your not Uncle Carl nor are you Warren Buffett... so instead invest in solid financially strong (aka the total opposite of BBBY) companies that are a value buy then set dividends to DRIP.

  33. You better put your remaining money into safer assets with potencial growth over the years such as S&P500 ETF. There's not excitement but it's way safer.

  34. Come on, did everyone think that BBBY was going to make a miracle recovery after the CFO jumped out the window?! Some of you truly can’t read the writing on the wall when a company is done or in some weird denial. It’s time to move on REST IN PEACE BBBY it was a fun ride.

  35. ‘If it hit $200’ lol I’ll have what this guy is smoking. No way you really thought that was gonna happen

  36. break even cash flow in a couple months, new management, 3 (three) RC members still on the board, opening new BABY stores, shorted into oblivion, relatively small float and incredibly low market cap that is still reflecting bankruptcy….honestly man if you really need the cash i get it. but if you’re just selling because you’re currently in the negative, and don’t like how that feels, you’re gonna likely regret that decision sooner that you think. cheers anyway mate, happy investing🍻

  37. What was your cost average? Why did you take the loss? Did you need the money? Most retail panic sells in under 90 days….Big boys know this..

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