Daily Discussion Thread for October 10, 2022

  1. Just found out I had taken out a $7k loan on margin. Not a big deal because I was planning on putting ~50k into the market this year, but I probably paid $250 of interest.

  2. Have you cunts ever considered that with long-term treasuries implying long-run inflation above 3% a year and the USD at a 20 yr high, that maybe housing prices are going to stabilize up 20% from pre-covid because they're not literally burning the printed covid money? Wonder what that means for asset prices? Yes, you missed the tech bottom. You guys get that the speed of the drop from friday close priced EOW puts at SPY under $350 already yeah?

  3. Is Tesla now at its lowest? Should we be buying or even possibly leveraging the stock in anticipation of it rising back up? Any insights would be highly appreciated.

  4. I would really love tesla to drop to 206 and then pop right back up to current levels . That would be 🔥 🔥

  5. Mine settles by the next morning, so i can trade with all of my account but once ive gone through all of my cash, it isn’t available until the next trading day. Its Robinhood. Today, my cash didnt settle and thats the first time it hasnt settled by the next day. I think the federal holiday is to blame for that. Stock market open but banks closed.

  6. It's ligit. U just have to wait 2 days for ur funds to settle from each trade before u can use those same funds again for another trade. But say ur sitting on hella cash and only use a small percentage on each trade then ur good to go and make as many day trades as u want

  7. guys I think I need a few days a break from stonks but I cannot sleep anymore and do anything else so fucc it tomoz new puuuuts

  8. I ain’t gon hold you, I YOLO’d $17k into October 12 SPY puts before close, so ima this hoe to sink like it struck an iceberg 🧊🛳️

  9. I keep telling myself to not hold anything into the next day and yet here I am with SPY strangles like a doofus. We’re in that dangerous area of the market where everything is hella expensive and we don’t have a clear cut direction laid out in front of us.

  10. Past June. Now we got heating bills high gas and natural gas and oil... discretionary spending gone rate hikes up.... this winter gonna be cold for bulls. It's going down faster than your mom at a BBC parade

  11. Did the best I could today and what I said I would. About as goid as can be expected. Out till late trading day tomorrow. Hitting the Normandy beaches tomorrow

  12. Ok everyone, CPI up or down? Respond with your answer and I'll buy spy calls or puts depending on the most popular answer

  13. Well that was a consistently slight red day - cpi numbers Thurs are either going to lead to a bear market rally or total capitulation

  14. If Reddit already wasn’t enough of a hellscape…Now we have to see a video of Pete Davidson eating Taco Bell every 5 minutes.

  15. META Quest Pro unveil tomorrow, is it gonna suck or not? Can zuck untether himself from the tyranny of Apple and Google's platforms, so he can achieve his totally chill and not sociopathic dream of "bringing humanity closer together?"

  16. And will continue to be until our financial overlords tell us not to be, after they scoop up all the juicy discounts of course.

  17. They think just cause their account balance gets lower every week that somehow they lost their money. Strange.

  18. I have some TOST puts and I've been to three restaurants since buying them that use Toast as their payment system, I'm literally trying as hard as I can to make myself poorer

  19. Im sure the fed knows another bad cpi report will send spy into the abyss, im curious if their gonna let spy die Thursday or start a bullish midterm pump, still macro bearish

  20. If you fuckers want your puts to print let her rip and buy cheaper puts. If you dumbasses keep fighting the bulls now we will lose the war on CPI day and bank earnings

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