Most Anticipated Earnings Releases for the week beginning October 10th, 2022

  1. I will short domino's solely on the amount of notifications they have been sending me, a user that hasn't ordered in over a year. They're desperate.

  2. I was thinking the same thing. I haven't had a notification from them since I ordered last. Checked my order log, April...2021.

  3. My domino’s puts got trashed this morning. How is DPZ up almost 10% when the rest of the market is burning, and inflation is only getting worse. Feel like a true regard

  4. I wonder if a Spanish CEO increases the popularity of Pepsi in Spanish speaking countries just like sales in India increased while Indra Nooyi was CEO.

  5. Had SPY 10/14 puts which I sold to realise my gains on Friday. May live to regret that looking at this calendar.

  6. Well NVDA's orders probably dropped considerably with Ethereum moving to PoS. That's why they're trying to hose PC gamers with $1000 GPUs because they need to make up for that lost revenue, and have to complete with miners dumping cards in bulk onto ebay.

  7. They thrive during rate hikes into an expansionary economy. They take the first fall during higher yields into a contractionary economy. Higher interest rates only benefit the industry when there's active borrowing and limited risk of default (not the case in this environment).

  8. Hmm..opinion on OTM puts for ETWO and WIT? Want to make the most of my Wendy's money so I can then buy the franchise and fire my manager.

  9. Right I need help understanding this. I am very new, what does this actually mean and should I put money into WFC on Friday?

  10. You should head to the daily discussion thread if you're new at this. You'll learn some things over there instead of coming straight to this thread

  11. all stocks tend to move big percentages on earnings so using call or puts options that expire at the end of the week you easily double-10x your money if you're right or just lucky

  12. there is also excitement because whole market will probably burn to the ground for the next month if bank earnings are as bad as most are expecting

  13. Just saw Elon tweeted, can some one ban that fucker like they banned Andjew? Him saying the most simplest shit doesn’t mean shit.

  14. I got Puts, so probably going to fly green. But with rising fuel and fear in the economy I can’t see growth happening in the upcoming months.

  15. Average move is the average post-earnings move that happened in the previous earning sessions. Implied move is the expected move (based on active option trades) for the coming earnings announcement.

  16. The outsized IV compared to HV across the board may say that the big monies are well hedged and positioned heading into this quarterly season.

  17. Avg move is how much stock moves historically after earnings. Implied options is how much options are estimating the movement, meaning if you bought at the money options, how much it must move for you to breakeven

  18. With the inflation that the Fed has to deal with by continuing to raise interest rates, the stock market now has no investment value and is not a good time to buy

  19. Be careful with USO. Its not owning oil directly, its oil futures contracts. You need to understand contango and backwardation to play it. Basically the fund doesn't want to actually be forced to buy oil, and have it delivered, store it, etc. So they sell their expiring contracts, and buy ones further out. This can cause them a lot of problems when those further dated contracts cost more to buy than the nearer term ones they are unloading. This happened when oil crashed in the early part of the pandemic. Oil did eventually go up, but USO got wrecked in the meantime, and did a reverse split.

  20. Probably gonna open a put spread on $jpm tomorrow depending on how it movbes. Still holding a put dated 12/16. It's been up over 20% and I'm was a greedy assholes and now it's only up 11% which I should probably still have closed cause 11% is fucking awesome if you can do it ober and over. Whatever.

  21. Wells Fargo Puts anyone??? It’s not like they have the trading base that JPM has which gives a less likelihood that their earnings will be up

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