Daily Discussion Thread for October 07, 2022

  1. I'm considering waiting for a dip to scoop up some of blizzards stock but not entirely sure if it's worth it yet

  2. You know what? I should have hedge my position on my puts with calls. But I accidentally bought more spy and Nvidia puts at the end of the day. We’ll see if I’m able to afford a lambo on Monday or lose all my gains.

  3. Last Friday just before close, the balance in my gambling account was 102k. I reloaded a bunch of puts, and by open Monday the balance was 76,855. Guh.

  4. I disagree. I think good people get good things which they deserve, it’s up to them to persevere through the hardship or let it become their focus.

  5. I'm going back to the bar. That was brutal. If they don't stop thumping my anal area soon Imma haveta switch to cheap bourbon. That's gonna suck.

  6. Maybe but doesn't seem like a good risk/reward. If there is a pump I'd rather purchase more longer dated puts. Remember, Downtrend all year. This week SPY couldn't even really bounce much after last week sent us down to the 200 weekly day moving average. Critical support here

  7. Bought some 350p for December 16 at 11.99. If inflation comes in hot I’ll buy some more and if bank earnings are dogshit I’ll buy some more again. Let’s make this the worst October in a bear market

  8. I hate making a chunk of money in a day on a good trade, and not being able to tell anyone, cuz its inevitably gonna disappear just as fast as it came, and theyll just think you are printing money everyday

  9. Anyone know why my put Auto sold for $95 when I had it set to sell higher? I got a message “as part of our option sell out process we’ve placed an order to sell 1 contract” I’ve never seen this message before. But I could have gotten more for my put not even 10 minutes later.

  10. bears unloaded the clip on amd today, which is surprising considering how competitive their gpus are now.

  11. Holding a few calls and SPXS shares, took some profits and cashed out today. I think I’m going to get a nice steak this weekend.

  12. nah its likely to bounce somewhat going into CPI. Just don't go crazy OTM because the bounce probably wont be much

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