What Are Your Moves Tomorrow, October 05, 2022

  1. Have to figure it's a sour hour with that intraday pump on nothing and some pretty heavy headwinds from a dramatic cut in oil production

  2. Even if I was in my corporate position I would have not even bought yesterday. Or the day before in fact if I actually cared about you know “money” I would have allowed my country to heal. Instead the makers keep dragging this shit out. I can’t wait til Jpow drops the world on your head.

  3. Yo I’m usually skeptical as fuck when it comes to society collapse…. But damn y’all need to pay attention to what’s going on… Germany knows we blew up the pipeline now… Saudis siding with Russia. EAU siding with Russia. China pissed about our Chips act and Taiwan.. Korea launching icbms…. Wild West.

  4. Morning all. Futes down. Vix up. 10y up. And corn down. All indicators for red open but who knows if it'll hold or go green. Market be bipolar

  5. When corp have excessive inventory and transportation costs increase while they have to discount inventory, going to be a horrible earnings quarter.

  6. Love seeing all these accounts working for hedge funds trying to get retail to buy their put bags. Pretty sad what this sub has become, I genuinely wish GameStop never fucking happened, I’d give back all the gains from it just for that. Ever since it happened Wall Street has colluded like never before just to turn the market into a machine that takes money from retail. Every day that common people don’t unite and make Wall Street pay the iron price is another day the founding fathers roll in their grave. It’s even sicker that the rich in this country act like they are the ultimate patriots too, to sell their narrative of manifest destiny, that they should take over more and more of the globe in the name of “dEmOcRaCy”. I’m so close, I’m so close to going berserk on Wall Street. They can’t stop me if I do.

  7. Stfu no one gives a shit how the sub used to be with 4 whole subscribers. Yeah the memeturd are annoying but whatever.

  8. Serious question, what's the easiest way to make one of those log adjusted charts that overlays the current market with 2008?

  9. Not after the last two days, I believe they know it's gotta go down but can't afford for it to happen all at once so they need to trap enough retail bulls on occasion in order to cover the payouts for the next leg down

  10. The market always gives retail a chance to hit. Retail shoots themselves in the foot when they get greedy. Retail might hit today but they better not be stubborn 😭

  11. Why do I always fucking time the top when getting calls? Like literally. It goes 1% up, it's the top. 3%? that's the top. 5%, top again.

  12. Because your chasing. Should be buying puts after big up moves. Chasing is a losing strategy. You have to position ahead of a move.

  13. There is no Fed pivot. There is only inflation data. The faster inflation drops, the sooner the "pivot" or whatever you want to call it. Fed isn't going to drop rates with inflation rampant. The only number to watch is CPI. The market posts an earnings report every month.

  14. I’m too scared. I feel like we’ll bounce with equal or better than expected CPI since October is looking for a reason to rally.

  15. Elon is going to revolutionize the ladder industry next then the wheel. Pretty soon he will regress to stone tools.

  16. Yeah I hear that a lot, it’s ok bro not everyone can be like me, she should appreciate what you have to offer

  17. So Elon did all this as a way to sell tsla shares without causing a panic. Then sometime last week talking to his lawyers- “wait, so they can ask me anything even if it has nothing to do with the lawsuit?” and then decides overpaying by tens of billions of dollars is better and fanboys still think he’s about to release a robot 🤣

  18. You take that back right fucking now !!! 🤴Joseph Smith🤴 was a drip KING ! Magical pants man, magical pants 👖 ! Drip Daddy Joseph Smith 🤴🥵🥵🥵.

  19. Good luck bro. Apparently there’s still risk if the acquisition gets blocked or something, then the 54.20 / share doesn’t work out.

  20. Looking for an entrance to go all-in on Citibank stock. Think it's undervalued atm & has the most growth potential of all USA banks at the moment. Anyone want to kill my bull-case?

  21. Did any retail actually buy CS recently? I doubt it, just because the price jumped it is much more likely that retail investors were watching in astonishment rather than actually buying.

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