GameStop is primed for launch

  1. I was going through some old tickers and saw GME was at a old resistance and has formed a mighty nice consolidation base. Your post is rational at the very least

  2. Since 2020? I'd have to check but probably over a hundred lol, the IV is consistently insane and I'm a slut for the premium

  3. in a cult! and Loving it! gonna die poor anyway... I could gamble my money away this week on SPY options.... or I can Hodl until erectile disfunction sets in.... have to see what happens when bankers start jumping out the windows next week again. Maybe we moon? made some good friends and laughs a lot since they turned off the buy button... lol. super fun

  4. Taking a survey of the all the GME bulls who use “low liquidity” or “record low volume” as something positive or to be excited about.

  5. I literally talked about the transition to e-commerce and capturing a portion of microtransaction sales via the NFT marketplace

  6. Were you dropped as an infant? GameStop is a niche retailer selling gaming products, Best Buy is a big box store like Target, the two are a horrible comparison to make

  7. Translation: OP bought degenerate calls that are in need of a 100% gain in the next 3 weeks and needs your help pumping his bags. GME ain't gonna do shit but eat up your call premiums with another squeeze head fake once again before going back to sleep to unwind for the next cycle.

  8. This is the right answer. But people won’t get it anyways, even though there is the same post every other day with exactly the same reason you have described.

  9. Ah yes NFTs, those things that aren't a huge scam and even a single person wants to throw money away for. The product that exists and is not known by every person in the entire world to be a grift. Super cool and not at all defunct growth strategy

  10. GameStop is a dying company. Put a 2 year remindme on this comment so when they’re insolvent you can apologize to me for spamming this sub with your cult garbage.

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