14 year old daughter starting out with 50 bucks

  1. How about u let her choose so she better understands how her decisions can give her wealth or the market can take it away

  2. Make her a deal. Add $50 with the $50 they gave her. Then tell her for every $100 after that she adds to her account (from her own money, not gains) you will continue to add $25. This will stimulate her into adding as much as she can, because shes making $25 off every $100 invested. But, tell her the deal is she has to take the $25 and invest that into LONG investments, not yolo deals. Just my opinion, and what i plan to do with my kids soon. Good luck brother! And good luck to your daughter!

  3. Pffft kids these days, back in my day ma used to cut holes in a pockets at Christmas so we’d have something to play with.

  4. my son who is now an adult won $200.00 in a basketball pool. He bought nintendo and maybe microsoft (If I remember correctly) He was about your daughter's age. I had to set it up as a custodial account though and when he was of age, we switched it to his alone. I remember it was a bit of a hassle to take myself off the account, we needed a certain kind of notary republic to certify the forms, etc

  5. A better idea: give her the choice to either learn about financials, macro and microeconomic factors in particular industries, and try to pick winning stocks herself OR let her “invest” the $50 with you and for every month she keeps the money invested with you, you pay her 10% of her balance. Maybe even give her an option to add $10 a month of additional principal in to the account. Show her a compound interest calculator or put it in excel and show her how much her money would be worth by the time she’s 16 (~$500 if not adding extra money, or up to ~1200 if she consistently adds $10/mo) to demonstrate the power of investing for the long term and not chasing quick gains today and the risk/reward trade off of a consistent ETF investing strategy vs trying to truly understand complex financial environments. If she’s patient, that $50 investment in 2 years of the DAD etf will be a nice windfall for a car down payment.

  6. Give her as much advice as you can and let her know it's not all roses! I think it would be a good idea for her to be involved in the pick. Only solid companies!

  7. Does Fidelity do fractions of shares? If this is truly for her to become engaged and learn, let her pick a company or brand that she knows and likes. Let it be fun to follow.

  8. Zim is a solid bet and she probably has time They will give 30 percent of earnings via dividends to shareholders and it will appreciate for sure

  9. I scalped FREY for a small profit a couple months ago. If I had left it alone, it would have increased by almost half in a bear market. Just bought more to leave alone. Their forever battery should be a winner.

  10. Buy VOO every time and forget about it would probably be the best advice long term. But Zim could be a good investment, but that’s probably pretty boring for a 14yr old? Does she use an iPhone? She might think it’s cooler to own Apple or something’s she’s interested in.

  11. 50 bugs put it in to the account and hold cash for the moment :) save some more money in to the account. Than start with value stocks / dividend stocks like Coca Cola, proctor and gamble, Mc Donald’s But first save and do nothing than Watch out the market und when it seems to be stable start buying :)

  12. Tell her to invest in FHYD.V (First Hydrogen Corp) they are building the only true clean cars. This clowns are pushing Bettery powered car. WTF. Look into just how they get the lithium how much oil is used to get to the deposit and the fact they are saying we might be run out of this metal with in 25yrs.....Then what???? At least Hydrogen can be striped out of the air we breath. And what is the byproduct of burning Hydrogen?? Water maybe I'm just stupid by this company is still under most of the radars of anyone. Not any more If anyone care to see this and take a peek into Hydrogen.

  13. One single stock I would recommend for long term growth is GMG on the TSX. Graphene aluminum batteries with zero exotic metals. They are already producing high quality graphene on the cheap, and their own batteries. I would throw some of your own money in there for her as well. Time is on her side, and this isn't a 10x bagger, it's a 25x bagger atleast. IMO

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