Literally How the Fuck Do You Trade This Market?...

  1. The Dow hit bear market territory like 3 days ago. The fed has basically said they’ll keep raising rates indefinitely until inflation is under control. This is literally just getting started

  2. buy puts, it rallies, lose all 50% of your money. Buy calls, its gonna run back to established levels, JK gonna move sideways till your expiration. Time to do a safe play to at least make some money back, covered call time, shit pumps 5% and if you had your same play from last week you would be up 400%.

  3. This. Closed all my trading positions last week. I anticipated some buying coming in, but it’s been sideways mostly. Disappointed that my prediction has been off but glad I took no position since I was losing confidence in direction. Took one day trade on Tuesday.

  4. Yup. I’m just DCAing SPY and some other ETFs for the next bit. I may not be up big, but im not down big either

  5. Honestly. If you’re getting fucked every trade you make you probably aren’t versed enough to know how to trade in a bear market. A savings account will still get you a return

  6. I haven't been trading in a while because of the wild swings, I'm stoked for the people that are making money! they are mad talented or mad lucky. I 'm neither of those...

  7. Don't bet against the Fed. They literally decide how much money is available. They are removing money to get inflation down over the next few years. They are going to drop prices so people can buy things again.

  8. By being patient. People on here always seem to want wins NOW. 0dte or naked options etc. Nut up and trust your bet but give it time so when markets swing in your favor you can choose to collect

  9. I think long term strangles are the best way to make money off of this volatility, timing short term movements could be difficult so better go with long term options. And whenever they’re are at profit just sell them.

  10. Puts all the way literally just gamble on who's going to die that day spy seems to keep dying and then Reviving on an hourly basis so I would start there

  11. You dont unless you want to lose money.. Anyone who pretends they can time/day trade this shit is completely full of crap. The only ones making money here are HFT firms that front run orders.

  12. Easy, tomorrow the Donbass is Russian territory, the first western missile on that soil will rocket your puts.

  13. Don’t open fresh none hedged positions halfway into the crash. Two weeks ago was the timing. Entering now gets you slaughtered at these prices either way of the action.

  14. Inexperienced should stay out. Market makers won't just let it tank or they have to pay out too much. So they make it go up and down to scare you out

  15. I always hold cash at close. Unless it’s so cheap out of the money option that’s no big deal if it expires worthless but can be a huge gain if it goes the right way for you.

  16. I have a feeling that whenever the market does in fact make a true reversal, its going to be like a thief in the night, and spring the biggest bear trap in history and take the majority of the profits that the bears have made over the past year with it.

  17. Yeah... in like a year or two from now. I won't expect any sort of true reversal until JPow says "We are satisfied with current inflation reports and predictions and will look at reversing the interest rate trend".

  18. just use the 8ema and wait for a bullish/bearish signal and confirmation. No, it doesn’t work 100% of the time but it prevents you from getting caught up in that shit.

  19. Get a hold of anybody outside of prison that was either really close and or related to Bernie Madoff as I'm sure he had some connections with some scandalous insider trading information Thai people even though he was running a simple Ponzi scheme

  20. You don’t, quit being a dumbass and buy VOO/SCHD wait a few years. Either enjoy the gains after that or gamble it all away except now u don’t have to hit as big to get a nice bit of money

  21. Buy the dip, pray and sacrifice some nuggets in hopes it doesn't dip again. And if it dips again, just repeat the process.

  22. U day trade it with range bound levels such as: POC, VPOC, overnight highlow, regular trading hour high/low, Bottom/Top of gap, single print spikes & violà!

  23. As that weird guy from The infomercials once said, set it and forget it. It's okay sometimes to take a step away from Trading and left things settle down.

  24. you have a fairly wide stop loss range which kicks out a lot of the day traders who use tight ranges. Like unless you're calculating your odds practically hourly you have no idea if there's edge.

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