1. Welcome to clown world. Say hello to the idiots that still lap up everything that mainstream media tells them.

  2. I noticed several of these today. Markets doing terrible, but mine were hardly down at all. I was like "Well the closer to 0 one gets the less I have to lose".

  3. 8. All the money you’ve saved can be used to scoop up assets like investment properties and stocks at a discount.

  4. Tbf, if you have plenty of liquidity, then recessions are great. Everything is a damn fire sale. If you need to borrow money, however, then hope you can afford some lube.

  5. Where I live the home prices are still increasing... I know they will fall soon but even with liquidity I can't do much since everything is pretty much overvalued above pre covid levels

  6. I've got a LoC with my bank at 2.91%. I'm thinking of just waiting a month or two and going all in on something.

  7. I have a lot of liquidity and luckily only exposed myself to the market in a very limited way holding mostly cash. However I have student loans that comprise half my liquidity. As such im technically leveraged by 2x right from the get go. Obviously my plan is to gamble it all by attempting to time the bottom. If I fail well i can rest easy knowing that I'll have a job waiting for me after college with a very high certainty. I'm basically planning to gamble what i can potentially save up in 1-2 years for potentially several years worth of wages in return if it works out

  8. Right?! The bear market is aggressive and fast. Both can be very favorable for options. Or if they are uncomfortable with that buy an inverse index fund.

  9. Huh, that sounds similar to California forest fire. It needs a small fire once in a while, but people don't like any burning, so they prevent it until something accumulates too much and turns the usual small fire into a huge firestorm.

  10. Only bust we’re experiencing is the elite gearing up to bust on our face like our last name is Lewinsky.

  11. Recessions are great so long as you're not the one who gets their pay cut or laid off. Top tier employees love them because a lot of the deadweight, particularly annoying middle management, gets cut. Engineers particularly can do their thing without as much interference from overpaid weenies.

  12. “you won’t have all that pesky money to keep track of, which leaves plenty of time for you to focus on your divorce and how it all went wrong”

  13. Same shit I did when i was younger. Wait for all your friends to be broke, then buy their shit really cheap. When they get money, sell it back to them at a profit.

  14. Gee I wonder if this stupid bitch got paid off. Or it's just an AI generated article and she is literally a made up internet denizen.

  15. Switched all my investments to SQQQ in Jan. Between the gains from the market crashing and the fact that when I switch it to maple syrup money it'll be worth much more than earlier in the year I can't disagree.

  16. I actually like this article, if you’re positioned correctly, this recession could be a massive wealth accumulation opportunity

  17. I mean … you dont have to think about many things which makes your life more relaxed. For example: where to go for your next vacation, how to create your new start-up, which car to buy, if you should invest in a property, …

  18. I assume this is just 6 different ways to cook ramen and a final joke about how malnutrition is a really effective diet.

  19. Yeah its called buying the dip and lowering you cost basis. Dips like this dont stick around for very long.

  20. Its already great for me and my family! Didn't like millions of people die from covid? Shouldn't things be cheaper with less people around?

  21. If you sold at the top and won't be stuck in the crash. This how peoples like O'Leary and Musk got rich, they both got fired at the top of the dot-com crash and had plenty of liquidity to invest afterward. Elon did hit gold again a few time thought lol.

  22. I'm really starting to question my own understanding of the situation. Interest rates suck, if you're in the market for a house. And your retirement account is down. But that only matters if you're retiring right now.

  23. I made out pretty well from the 08 recession so I can see it. Whenever houses have a 50% off sale buy one in coastal California. That shit like doubled my salary as it recovered.

  24. Where did all this recession good or recession doesn’t exist shit come from ? Politics can’t possibly matter that much to deny what is blatant

  25. I always wanted to try out one of those barrel fires they have in movies, so that’s one thing I have to look forward to.

  26. You re all laughing , but that s what happening in Russia , they re literally brainwash people and tell them that economy going down to hell is good

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