While you were panicking and looking at SPY, you may have missed that our old trusty GME bottomed this week on 0 shares to borrow yesterday... looks pretty aggressive

  1. If the NFT marketplace comes out of beta and they start announcing major partnerships which makes clear the industry is getting onboard with Web3 gaming, then it'll at least become an investor safe-haven in a recessionary environment.

  2. just picked up oct. 14, 33.00 strike calls. Take me to valhalla thy holy algo, let your chart repeat, let your price action be violent.

  3. I always see people talking about this T+69, but where does the count start for fuck sake, at the last top, bottom or what?

  4. I mean the chart someone posted about is 4 for 6. One of them which they didn't label, the date at the beginning of the first 69 day block, plummets, and the fourth (I think) turns down hard. 4 for 6 ain't bad, but far from consistent or guaranteed like everyone keeps saying.

  5. I love how retail legit seems like they got infinite money to lose on regarded ass investments while there’s a plethora of high quality stocks out there at their 5 year lows… lmfao

  6. I didnt know if it would hold on an SPY sell off but SPY down significantly from this mornings run and GME still green again. Things looking good.

  7. At the smaller amounts, GME generates profit too. That it always snaps back cannot be denied. I buy and sell it with regularity. Nothing big, dinner money. Lots of myths and stupidity around this stock’s fan base. I’m not one of those. I trade for profit.

  8. If only my gaming days didn’t convince me that I really don’t like GameStop. Their financial statements and “plans” haven’t changed my opinion as an investor

  9. My gaming days convinced me I didn't like gamestop either. But I'm still in my gaming days now and their statements and "plans" changed my opinion as an investor because I'm an adult now

  10. This sub is moved by one thing only, the price. Company doesn’t matter, fundamentals, DD, nothing, as soon as the price starts going up, whole sentiment changes and everyone piles the fuck in.

  11. My guy this gets posted like every week and the zero shares to borrow bs doesnt mean a thing. Stop beating this dead horse

  12. Pretty hard to drop to zero, when literally the entire float is being swallowed by retail in a never before seen market event. Proven by GME sec filings, not conjecture.

  13. Lol 😆 🤣 🙏 🪦 anyone's portfolio with gme I am sorry but just wait for the shoe to fall this king meme will fall like prince meme amc Good luck 👍

  14. Theory: half of us finally sort of figured out options. They'll use the cycle to fuck our calls hard and pocket killer prems

  15. I bought just a few more at the bell on Friday…getting pretty consistent at stock piling dips. (I’m long and don’t forget)

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