Daily Discussion Thread for September 27, 2022

  1. In my mid-20s I started biking to work and lifting weights. I don't even think I ever had abs but I was in pretty good shape. I went from a dude that no hot chick would ever think about to getting catcalled in the streets and sexually harassed in bars. It was fucking wild.

  2. There’s some conspiracy theory video I watched on YouTube years ago about how countries without a central bank are consistently our enemies, we end up going to war with them, win, and install a central bank. Not endorsing the idea, but it was thought provoking.

  3. Huh, I really thought for sure we would get into the 350s today when I saw this mornings dump, the fact that we passed June lows and then recovered back above yesterdays levels makes me think we might go up to retest 369-370 again before really picking a direction

  4. Some tech stocks are garbage. Others are fine investments. Apple is on its way to being the only publicly traded company

  5. I mean this shit is kinda set up for a dead cat bounce at least, no way this can go further down without any up action?

  6. Ok so do u not buy both ur telling me the whole time the spy was in a shit range u didnt scalp the living shit out of it both ways or no. I could only do what I could but ok I'll take it

  7. Had every intention on taking profit on a spy put before the bell and a goddamn work call comes in and distracted me. Now I’m strapped on this ride until morning, nice knowing ya profits.

  8. I set a stop loss multiple times today when I was up. And wouldn't you know it, I removed it and looked away to answer an email for literally a minute and looked back to see it testing green. Need Putin to blow something up overnight, I guess.

  9. we're headed for new lows tomorrow- this pump was an obvious way to build up exit liquidity. if it was real dxy and yields wouldnt have mooned.

  10. the US10Y is picking back up, everythings going to get smashed aftermarket and premarket when we wake up to new lows and above 4% tmrw

  11. It's just a like a kid dipping its feet in the pool till someone pushes him from behind into it.

  12. Reddit has a paid team called Anti-Evil Operations (part of the "Trust" & "Safety" team) which goes around permanently banning accounts for saying bad words. We made automod block them so you don't lose your account for saying a word and getting reported. It's not our rule, it's the entire website now, we're just trying to look out for our people. Sorry.

  13. I need a 2100 lb package shipped from London to Sydney, Australia by 8pm Wednesday morning. What are my options?

  14. Regard strength💪🏻💪🏻up almost 3% on a red day. This thing will explode tomorrow. Jump in now if you like 💰💰….

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