Created an automated investing strategy to pick up cheap $GME shares. Roast me

  1. This should be pretty obvious but the graph shows it losing money almost all the time. This strategy is so overfit to one very improbable event that it doesn't even really work in the backtest. So according to your results, there's a very small chance it might make good money for 6 months of the next decade, and I think the chances are lower than that, but I know it's pointless to try to convince certain people that short squeezes are rare and difficult to take advantage of. It's especially hard when certain people don't understand that you're supposed to sell, not buy, during a short squeeze.

  2. Even if the big squeeze eventually happens, cult members don’t realize that so many will be dumping so quick, that it’s an event that might only be a couple hours, not a couple days.

  3. You didn’t even read his post lol he buys when it’s under the 200 MA…. On Tesla…. Lol there’s nothing about a short squeeze talked about here.

  4. I’m terrible at timing the market so I will just continue the buying and holding when I can.. thx for the tips

  5. Reddit has a paid team called Anti-Evil Operations (part of the "Trust" & "Safety" team) which goes around permanently banning accounts for saying bad words. We made automod block them so you don't lose your account for saying a word and getting reported. It's not our rule, it's the entire website now, we're just trying to look out for our people. Sorry.

  6. My system buys 100% gme twice a month directly on computer share and I buy what I'm able to afford every other Friday when i get paid 100% gme

  7. With the interest rates now you would have a better rate of return at 1.90% putting that money in a simple savings account. No one cares about NFT panties and flip flops GME offers. Fuck 1.90% is better than most stocks.

  8. You heard it here first guys no one cares about nfts… oh wait let’s look at the top 500 companys and legacy companys all coming out with there own nfts.

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