Goodbye World, hopefully next life lottery spin will be worth it ❤️

  1. As a nurse who has been present for many peoples last words, they never say “I wish I had more money” it’s always time, or experiences they wish they just did ♥️ it’s really changed my perception on life

  2. As a software engineer I have no relevant experience but I’m going to weigh in because it’s the internet. There’s nothing more dangerous than someone with nothing to lose.

  3. That’s great advice my dude. Love that…peace and happiness is possible outside money! And it’s what you’ll consider most valuable in the end. Plz don’t kill yourself ever, especially over AAPL calls!

  4. My brother lost 500k from a windfall which he hadn't even paid the taxes on, because, you know he was going to turn it into a million. Fuck what a mess it made of him. But he made it through and is still the person I know and love.

  5. Bro that could have been all he had. He could still recover from the loss but just because you lost more than him doesn’t make it automatically better for him. Like “oh someone lost way more than me and they’re fine, I won’t be sad about my losses anymore.” You’re ridiculous. Be more empathetic

  6. This dude seems to live in the Bay Area based on his post. Is there anyway someone could get people to patrol the Golden Gate Bridge tonight and tomorrow??? Are there any organizations that will help him?

  7. I know it's not about the money.It's the leukemia. It's your parents. It's (maybe) losing the money left by your parents.I don't know if you lost your parents this year or when you were in HS. You've mentioned it both ways, but I believe it would be the latter. The pain doesn't go away with time. It cuts deeper, and the real pain takes time to settle in.

  8. As a broke college student it is baffling to me to know that people are investing 1.6 mil comfortably, and it’s even more baffling that you’re not devastated by losing it all.

  9. Anyone got this guys address? I’m thinking he needs a wellness check. This is grim and looking at his profile I think he is being sincere in what he is saying.

  10. You are a wonderful human being. I hope the OP is okay, and realizes that there are strangers who do care for him.

  11. Dude your loss is 8k. In a few years you can have a good job and you will make that much in a week! Keep things in perspective.

  12. He lost 24k last week in spy calls that went worthless, i remember seeing that trade trend on wsb and everyone was praying for him. This AAPL trade was with every last cent he had in savings, so technically he lost 32k.. rip

  13. Alrighty wow… okay how should I start this. First off let me apologize to each and everyone of you for leaving you hanging like this, you guys didn’t deserve this.. I am fine, I did tried to harm myself but I am Okay! I honestly didn’t know this was going to blow up like this.. and if it did I thought it would of been the other way, instead you guys actually cared and support me….

  14. Hey dude I'm here for you, I tried calling the Santario police but they shrugged me off, dude pls dm me. I've been through depression. I'm here for you.

  15. Dude, you had me checking on you just to see you were safe. And I don’t even know you. Just imagine how people that actually care about you would feel. And yes, I am sure there are people out there that love you. Giving up can seem like the easiest path, but just remember that your parents gave you a life and they would never ever want this for you. There will be time to meet them again, just not yet.

  16. So glad you're okay, buddy. You probably made a couple thousand people's day with this update. Always remember that there are A LOT of people that care about you, so live your very best life possible. And when life gets challenging, as it will for every one of us, always remember the regards of Reddit and how worried sick we were when you went MIA. It also helps a lot to share your stories/burden with a few quality friends in your life, so do make an effort to build relationships with good people near you.

  17. Hey bud I’m so proud of you for still being here. That’s the hardest parts but know I’m in tears writing this.

  18. So glad you’re still here. Have been thinking of you a lot today! Many prayers were lifted for you! Reddit can be a mess and people suck sometimes, but honestly there are so many people here that are willing to help or listen or just be present to help you get through. Rooting for you in all aspects right now 💙

  19. The amount of times I would check this thread since you posted it, on an hourly basis - something I never thought would occur on Reddit. I’ve never met you, but man - even in the worst of times, you need to kick at the darkness until it bleeds daylight. Be strong, continue to be strong, and see what your life means to people who have never even met you.

  20. You bastard! I was checking my dms daily to see if you'd reply and nothing. Decided to check your profile and then in comments and found this. Glad you're alive but fuck, you been thru hell. Reddit is full of bad people, it was way worse years ago. Don't listen to them. Stay alive. We need more yolo posts and fuck then haters.

  21. Hey man before I lost my baby brother to a very similar set of circumstances I didn't reach out enough. I just didn't know how much he was suffering, really.

  22. I’m really glad to see this comment you posted. I know life is hard and it might seem like a struggle to keep going, but whenever you’re feeling like there is no solutions, please just always think about

  23. Op been thinking about you since your post yesterday. Everything happens for a reason and I'm so glad you're still here. You aren't meant to leave yet. Here if you need anything, I don't want to add to the thousands of DMs you already have to respond to.

  24. It took more balls for you not to jump than it would’ve if you did. You’re young and strong, now time to kick Leukaemia’s ass and have a story to tell people someday. You need to open up to people, there are more people willing to listen then you think.

  25. You’ve had a tough run, but I’m glad you’re still here. I’m sure this will get buried in the million messages you get but I’m down to chat if you ever need an ear. ❤️ from an internet stranger.

  26. Hey bud, the universe is unfair, random, chaotic and doesn’t care for us, so it’s on us to care for each other. I’m happy you’re still here stranger and wish you strength.

  27. I’ve been checking in on this post, SO VERY GLAD to see you’re still here!! :) Know that every situation is temporary, and there are happy moments to be found all over the place, and there are good people out there who care. You made my day!! Keep being strong ☺️💕

  28. Bro 10k isn’t even worth dying for. Your organ in the black market costs more than that. 10k is like working at MCDs for 5-6 months. You really think your life up-to this point is worth that much? I suggest you talk with someone but at least try don’t just quit. Money doesn’t buy happiness. Just temporary relief. No one in their dying bed or with terminal illness is wishing to become a millionaire.

  29. Wow there – just take those 2k and buy normal Apple shares. Might not become a fantastillionaire this way but you can’t go wrong with them. Just go slow, and you’ll keep your peace and sanity.

  30. I just lost my best friend to suicide - please don’t do this - even if it doesn’t feel like it now, things will get better - don’t make your pain other peoples pain - it will get better just make it thru today

  31. Get yourself together man! I’m down 90% on 6k and I’m broke as shut and that’s all my money! Had a 386p today though, so that helped


  33. Dude don’t please. I’m not even a stocks bro but you can come back. You have a life which is worth way more than any monetary value. Plus you need to at least outlive Jeff Bezos.

  34. Either this dude actually killed himself or hes being edgy. Holy shit, i dont know if i just directly witnessed the cause of a suicide

  35. I’ve been glancing at their profile all day hoping that they post something about how it was a joke and they didn’t go through with it. This is fuckin surreal and it sucks.

  36. Idk if I’m too late I’m here bro but as trash as this community can be sometimes we love you man and life is worth so much more than 7k lost. You’ll bounce back. Keep fighting and moving forward bro.

  37. Man, come walk 1 mile with me and my dad on the North Country Trail. A man who loved the stock market worked his ass off 52 years of his life to be diagnosed with early onset Alzheimer's. Get your ass out here. Reset yourself and learn. We all know you got balls that the most of us ain't got. I'd love the opportunity to walk 1 mile with someone who takes the chances you take.

  38. I've lost all my savings last year! i've invested 50K, went up to 350K. But greed got me... now i am down to nothing, 10k. It got me down, of course! but never thought of suicide! life is so much more than money. PM me, we can work things out! we can start a gofundme page for you and you will make all your losses in no time

  39. Bro you can do this. Take a breath and just calm yourself. DM me and I will get you a flight to LA and, at the very least, you can explore this absurd city and have some good food while you get your mind right.

  40. Dude, stop it. Taking your life is no joke, even if you are just being a drama Queen for attention & karma. I’ve lost friends & family to suicide, so just stop. Go talk to someone, cry in a pillow, or fucking rage, but don’t say shit like that. It ain’t funny. If you are not joking, call someone, anyone, hell reach out to me privately and I’ll talk to you.

  41. Has someone checked on this kid, I had a horrible feeling he died last night and haven't seen anything confirming he's alive. He does not respond to direct messages.

  42. Bro! I lost 35k and I’m flat broke!!!! Everything going wrong for me health wise, financial wise, like everything is downhill for me and I have a kid on the way!

  43. Cheer up guy. Money comes and goes, and there are millions/billions of people all over the world who have it worse than us. And if you take look in here, you'll find that a lot of people actually do care about a complete stranger's wellbeing.

  44. Man this is in the scheme of things a truly tiny amount of money. You could make this back in a year just working at a job and saving. No amount of money is worth killing yourself over but this amount is DEFINITELY not worth it. This is what we call “market tuition” - you made mistakes, your paid for them, now you can learn from them

  45. Hang in there brother! Gambling an addiction that can be overcome! I’ve fought with alcohol and I can tell you that it is possible, and once you’re out of the fog, you’ll be happy again. Suicide is a permanent solution to a short term problem. Please hang on!!! ❤️

  46. Dude come on down to cali and go fishing with me. I’ll give you a time worth living for. Cruise the PCH and it’ll give you some good perspective. Hell, just get outside into nature and take some deep breaths.

  47. I pray that you don’t. I have quite a few friends who have committed suicide and an immediate family member and it’s the worst thing ever. 🙏🏼 I would do anything to get them back. ❤️

  48. I’ve suffered unknowingly from a mild depression for years. Best to do is use that 2 k you have left and book a flight to Brazil for a ayahusca ceremony and confront your demons.

  49. There’s over 100 people viewing this post can anyone update me on OP? Any word ? Did any of the mods tried contacting him?

  50. Bro I lost 10k in only 30 minutes ,and this 10k is my whole year salary. It’s hard for me but I think we can go though this shit and earn back my money .DO NOT KILL YOURSELF !

  51. Omg women! When I die and go to heaven, I sure hope there is a statistics of my life and I can see how much money I blew on women. I bet it's disgusting 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  52. Bro, I lose that much every day, you will recover ! Stop having these give up thoughts, your parents would want you to keep fighting

  53. Op, look , Steven Jobs is rich beyond imagination, he can’t bring anything with him, He probably would like to trade all his wealth for a healthy life . There is nothing in this world is more precious than life .

  54. I am praying you don't do anything to harm yourself just remember the good word of God, "For he who is first shall be last, and the last first." You're in the clear in the eyes of God breath easy, son. Enjoy the greatest gift God gave you, your life.

  55. This post has really troubled me, and I keep checking it to see if OP responds or if there is some positive update. I truly hope that he didn't go through with this, and someone could reach out to him in time.

  56. First and foremost, some of the comments are very positive so massive shoutout to the homies here. Your life is not valued by how much you have, it’s the memories. I guarantee, you can make that kinds of money back. Just take it slow and take a big break from any investing and trading. Also speak to someone, just tell them how you feel and they can put things into perspective. Read, just breath, go for a walk. Don’t give up, don’t ever give up. You got this! I hope you have not taken your life and can see all the positivity and try again! Take it day by day.

  57. Bro! Your life is worth more than any amount of money lost. I lost 3 times what you lost! Easy brother!! So many things I do to take my mind off any kindly of loss, I can share with you, but u have to be alive to hear it.

  58. There are literally 500 people here for you. If we all were to chin in $10, then you’d make back $5000. You probably lost more that $8k but don’t worry about the money. Don’t stress about it. It can be made and it can be regained after losing easily. If the burdens are still too strong, though, then at least go out to the beach one last time and enjoy it. If you live in a car, no matter the car, take it out on one last joyful canyon drive. If you believe in yolo, before you go take some time to savor the beauty that you live in. Sometimes when some of us struggle, the beauty in life makes the suffering bearable and we live for that beauty. The money is just a construct made my man played with like a game. Don’t let it dictate what you do. Go and enjoy the beautiful night sky away from the city for one last time. Only you can make the decision, but please make the one that’ll make you happy and those around you happy. And please make your decisions with care because you’re not meaningless. We care for you. Don’t make decisions on the whim and spontaneously. If you’re going to do it, take sometime doing it right. Make a plan. Keep it separate from your last beach visit, your last drive, your last look at the stars. Enjoy them with depth. Then allow yourself to understand the beauty you have been gifted. Let your decisions be fluid, meaning reversible. If you find the universe speaks back to you, wait a little more. Bear the suffering for the beauty. Please, I recommend you do stay for something. That could be more yourself, for the universe, for me, for us on Reddit, for those around you, for the stray cat or dog you’ll find today or tomorrow that will rely on you for its life. You have the ability to impact others. Please do the right thing.

  59. Brother in Christ, get some sleep and try again tomorrow. You’re parents are rooting for you from above. They are proud of you for your perseverance and resilience to all the shit life has thrown at you, not for how many dollars you have in a brokerage account.

  60. Shut the fuck up and live you pussy. Take your $2k and fly to Thailand. Go on an adventure and find real treasure. Meet people you never could’ve imagined, see things you never dreamed about, be someone who doesn’t need gambling on Apple calls to live. I don’t know you or your life story but sober up from your self pity. deal with your grief. Get the fuck out there and live. That’s it. Experience is your new currency. Hoard that shit. Gulp down ayahuasca or some shit for fuck sake. LIVE GODDAMMIT. If you live for real… for real for real… and still don’t like it, then fuck off. But we both know that won’t happen.

  61. Yeah Seems a bit odd. I lost $10,000 on shitty business ideas and did post nonsense on the internet like this. What's up with people being so soft these days?

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