What Are Your Moves Tomorrow, September 22, 2022

  1. start slow and tell hem you're bi and that sometimes when the time is right you hedge - and only hedge - with puts. or you get calls and puts before a big announcement and sell both on high IV/movement after once goes up 300% and one goes down 80%

  2. Remember these wise words, lads. You are a tube. The poo is not in you, but outside you. It is the world that is full of shit, not you. Believe in yourself.

  3. a drug deal whom i didnt dare to confront stole my jacket yesterday, i sold my puts yesterday as well only to see the massive gains i missed out on. i . wanna. die .

  4. If DOW breaks the June low tomorrow, it’ll be the second time ever (out of 19 bear markets) that it’s made a new low after a 50% retracement. The last time it happened was during the financial crisis of 2008.

  5. Can’t sleep in man. It sucks because I force myself to wake up at 6:30 and sometimes make dumb trades when I’m half asleep still haha

  6. SPY has so much more to fall compared to many of the stocks in it.... Apple and Tesla are the only reasons its way to high... CMON Ken short it!

  7. Lmao imagine saving your whole life as a Turkish citizen to have 1 man decide that 80% of what you worked towards in life is worthless

  8. Happened in Russia too. there was a huge run on the banks to convert RUB:USD as their currency crashed from the war. Until it was announced that russian oil could only be bought in ruble, sending the currency to new highs


  10. bears are the drugged up homeless mentally ill people who go about talking angrily to their reflection in a window on the street

  11. Bulls are like domestically abused victims and the market is their partner. Bulls know they should leave but just can’t. Poor bulls

  12. 10 more hours no sleep punishment because I was to bullish yesterday. Nevertheless, looks like bulls are back in the driver's seat again!

  13. I saw a guy in here the other day who was looking to buy a stock. To evaluate whether it was fair value compared to other stocks, he did a comparison.

  14. Bulls rationalize by saying it could be worse, just like they do when their gf got plowed by 6 guys instead of 8

  15. Who the fuck is buying in this market, we haven’t even come to the point that earnings will drop significantly, and companies are still valued at high p/e

  16. Wow woke up to my plan 100% working. So glad I sold my puts now at close. Was worried I missed out but instead I would have lost a shit ton of money, unless it goes back down…

  17. Futes back to red and internet money ... well ... it's Thursday and internet money normally does not do well on Thursday.

  18. At close... Market will be flat Friday until JPOW speaks... Imo we see a small rally. Flat Monday and maybe Tuesday then dump more through rest of month as fed offloads billions of balance sheet

  19. The only way out for bulls is to end their lives. It’s going to get a whole lot worse from here. 50-100 within a matter of years.

  20. I have revised my thinking. The 10:30 am rule IS in effect today. To bad bulls. You really wanted a gap down today. The pain will continue slowly.

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