What Are Your Moves Tomorrow, September 21, 2022

  1. How insane is it how rigged the market is. It’s very clear it’s in control of a small number of people. Look at today’s price action right at the very end. Very unnatural movement. Up down in big swift waves in just a few minutes. Imagine How much money it takes to move the entire market that way. It’s as if the federal reserve is also in on it. It is very organized rigging .

  2. I'm pissed I was intending on hearing the fomc live and playing puts, nobody ever has an answer for where to watch live. I was looking at what must've been a freaking commercial here:

  3. Its such bullshit that Jamie Dimon just said "WHEN things get worse" and yet on CNBC it says JPM is bullish... WTF is up with that bull shit!?

  4. You can only kick the earnings revision can so far down the road... Rate increases further contract those.... I just hope I have money left in my account to catch it when they start happening...

  5. Russia has more nuclear weapons than the US, Putin wants to be Peter the Great. He is a pussy, yes, since he doesn't have to fight these wars, he just sits in his fuckin palace -- but if you think for a second he wouldn't fire a nuke you're squarely wrong.

  6. Putin is not bluffing. In the same way that USA nuked Japan, I see it as perfectly plausible for Russia to launch a nuke on Ukraine.

  7. Imo, Russia is all show no go. Saying the word “mobilizing” is like me saying I have a 10 inch donger and failing to show it.

  8. My company just settled with a woman that filed sexual harassment charges on our manager. Its a big ass corporation too

  9. Depositions typically never see the light of day. Those are interviews during the discovery process by opposing counsel. If you settle, put non-disclosure in the settlement agreement. If you don’t settle, well then it’s coming out at trial probably so the depos don’t matter.

  10. Anyone else surprised that Russia hasn’t used nuclear weapons yet? Like the entire west is openly supplying Ukraine to kill Russian troops….

  11. This isn't call of duty bro.. Nuclear weapon cause mass civilian casualties. He would instantly lose the support of everyone in the country and would be demonised like no1 else since hitler.

  12. A Texas jury has ordered Charter Communications to pay $7 billion in punitive damages to the family of an 83-year-old grandmother robbed and murdered by a cable repairman who arrived in the company’s van while off the clock.

  13. The company tried to cover it up and lied to the court which is really what they’re getting dinged for

  14. Remember: Apply for credit cards and credit limit increases now, that way when the recession gets bad and you get laid off you have ample borrowing power.

  15. Fun fact: the U.S. saved Russia from that moron Lenin and his dumbass antiwork government from starvation. During the great famine President Hoover was the first to rush to the aid of those starving. America spent the equivalent of 100s of billions of dollars feeding 10 million people a day and clothing them. Now Putin wants to nuke us. Fuck Putin he should learn his history. Russia wouldnt exist without America.

  16. Germany could have taken Russia without the western countries forcing Gerny to fight on several different fronts. If all of Germany's might was thrown into the fight against Russia, Putin would be speaking German now. And he'd still hate the west.

  17. He's going to nuke his own people and blame it on us. They'll be livid and volunteer to join the Russin army. I see his moves on the chess board in advance.

  18. Fuck this market. How did we get to a place in America where the words of one unelected “expert” can send the market wildly swinging in one direction or another?

  19. The fact this market is so easy now is frightening. The same old tank everyday just like the same old moon in the bull market. The trend never lies right..

  20. You will not believe it. I just had a quick chat with the cashier. He really thinks that the "FOMC will crash the market" meme is real. What else does he believe in? Santa Claus?

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