Time to risk it all.

  1. Cramer is a serious Monday morning quarterback. He was all over buy and hold NVDA forever when it was at $300, but he hates it at sub $150. They've got their challenges. They went up too fast, but this guys extreme swings are ridiculous and solely about ratings and performance.

  2. Just wait until you realize every market news/analyst person is basically a Jim Cramer. They all have no fucking clue and just talk out their ass to make content that people even more clueless eat up.

  3. The propaganda machine goes brrrrrrrrrrr or wait what the fk is that the printer going off too. Cramer is the example of why I don't trust the fkin TV man.

  4. My largest lost -3800, last year, was playing nvidia earnings... Could have bought a 3090 Kingpin instead...Still hurts to look at nvidia ticker...Need to recoup, don't wanna be an amd fanboy out of spite...

  5. Nvidia makes more margin without EVGA, less AIB's means more chips for FE cards, which in return means way higher margins.

  6. Christ, a few months ago he was interviewing Jensen Huang (CEO of Nvidia) and Cramer sounded like he wanted to have his children. JC said he saw into the future projects of NVDA and they were the sure bet in the CPU & GPU space.

  7. You gards put way too much merit on this shiny top turd, inverse or not. Be original, get your own, be your own. Lose money like a man, make money like a Saudi prince.

  8. Considering nVIDIA is screwing its partners over and AMD has a history of capitalizing on mistakes like that, he may be right this time.

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