Daily Discussion Thread for September 16, 2022

  1. How will the lack of MBS purchases and rising interest rates affect rent prices? I’m genuinely curious and trying to understand it all

  2. Who convinced these idiots holding a dead stock while executives sell is a good idea? You're letting them leave you with the bag

  3. Reddit has a paid team called Anti-Evil Operations (part of the "Trust" & "Safety" team) which goes around permanently banning accounts for saying bad words. We made automod block them so you don't lose your account for saying a word and getting reported. It's not our rule, it's the entire website now, we're just trying to look out for our people. Sorry.

  4. Fuck work - boss asking me for a bunch of shit and I lost track of time & didn’t get a QQQ strangle for next week in before the market closed. Now I gotta remember to trade MNQ on Sunday night

  5. Stop betting against Tesla, should the company be at 110 p/e? Fuck no, but you are going to be broke before the market accepts that.

  6. What a way to close. Not holding anything over the weekend, this is just silly at this point. At least 3900 wasn't regained... yet.

  7. Just when you think the market makers are gonna let your Puts print you turn around and see me printing NEGG naked calls 🤖🦾🦿

  8. I could understand the 'we'll end green' cope at 3 but we're 3 minutes to the bell with about 5 dollars between spy and green and people are still screaming it

  9. I like to watch the Financial Modeling World Cup, but really this is kind of a bloody Roman Colosseum battle of financial modeling with all these algorithms going to war

  10. I love all the people in denial saying we're definitely not going to fall any further because there was resistance at an arbitrary pricepoint

  11. I learned my lesson and will never engage with a TSLA put again lol For those who couldn’t sell this morning I truly feel for you.

  12. Can’t believe people buying puts at this moment, not too different to people buying calls on ATH, listen the bad news are already priced in. A 75 basis pump would be a good reason to rally at this point, bad risk to reward ratio in puts now

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