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  1. Rofl, a fucking pee martini, thank god I’m not on Reddit often enough to have seen that award before. Laughed my ass off at it 😂

  2. Unfortunately that’s a relatively private subreddit as I know. They’re not goonies like the folks here. But I’m not sure if that’s due to government reasons.

  3. LICN dropping Friday small float..Chinese lottery tickets coming at us… Edit.they have now moved ipo Release to Monday the 19th

  4. Webull and MooMoo both track and allow investing. MooMoo lists tons of them, Webull has less but better quality IPOs overall.

  5. Not just court, a congressional hearing. You either stepped in shit big time, or you uncovered a powerful person’s big pile of shit.

  6. I fucking love how there's almost daily examples of this bullshit but people still act like the market is real and only reacts to a company's quarterly reports or inflation data.

  7. It’s an obvious play for liquidity after yesterdays sell off. Gotta keep collateral in check until the market pumps back up….if it does. Notice these stocks will precede major sell offs in the broader market

  8. It went up because I am not in it. Once I take up position, it will tank...............................😆😆😆😆😆

  9. Check the charts from two months ago. HKD went on a 5-day run, and then BBBY went on a run five days later. Hope lightning strikes twice.

  10. I think you are seeing it ass backwards. BBBY was always going to run and they knew it which was why this P&D was required , the reasons it is required this time might not be the same. ( but it might)

  11. Yes. Compare gme squeeze to bbby. Tomorrow is the second squeeze day for bbby if we base it solely off gme second squeeze. It is also t+35 for regsho I believe. With all of this considered, most likely nothing will happen and I will continue to bag hold.

  12. If you haven't seen the chart of HKD, this thing hit 2,500, which is ridiculous if you ask me. I don't think we will see that price again but a nice move up today.

  13. Illegal Chinese company swaps completely abusing our financial system with impunity. Shit like this can run 500-1500% with ZERO halts but AMC or GME running 15% get F’d with.

  14. The best part is that some SEC re-fucking-tard Googled your exact same question and was directed to OPs post for answers.

  15. Round 2 bitches! Just hopped on after the 2nd or 3rd trading halt. Averaged at $250 and ready for the frickin moon

  16. He didn’t buy anything. That’s just the amount it’s gone up in a day, it even says his account is restricted form buying at the bottom.

  17. Made over $1,000 on this today and have 25 shares at $150 holding overnight. I am holding over night since volume has picked up and this stock has seen 2,500. Maybe we can see over $300 tomorrow 🤷🏽‍♂️......Manage risk everyone!!

  18. So it’s like this. Say I want to launder 1 billion dollars of super hot money. I tell Lou okay, buy this stock, low cap, low float, no options, cayman. I’m not too worried about losing 50% (90%?), just don’t wanna lose it all. So Lou buys, then I buy. And hey, maybe a few lucky suckers get pulled along for the ride. Or it pumps and it accidentally doubles. Oops! Lou sells and collects for his boss and the dirty money is gone, lost, so sorry, must have been a bad investment.

  19. I messed up last time and sold my 55shares at 50, a few days before it went to 2500. I got some shares again. See what happens. It’s going back up a little. I’m outta day trades tho so I’ll have to wait.

  20. On 1’5m volume, when it peaked today it was a fraction of that with a 462m float. Yeah right ! But that’s what happens when you don’t use Darkpools

  21. No, his money hole is obviously in Ukraine. How many $billions has the U.S. given them already? Where is that money going exactly? Any oversight? No? Didn't think so. No one else finds that odd?

  22. 51 employees, P/E sitting at 371 after hours, market cap currently 34 Billion. What a solid fucking buy - never mind the fact that China’s economy is strong as ever.

  23. Wow. That is crazy stuff. Obviously I missed this one. Does anyone know if you can buy/ sell $AMTF on TDA Think or Swim?

  24. The answer to why is at the bottom of your screenshot... They don't want you playing in the same sandbox so much they will go to another one, take that sand and bury you.

  25. China stonks! The only one that hasn't really pumped hard yet is GCT. Bought in just now, lets see what happens.

  26. its chukimbah who has that company, loop capital. the shortsellers are trying to make a point that companies shouldnt be going to 10 or 50 billion cap without fundamental reason. the apes just keeps buying tho and doesnt give a shit what he thinks.

  27. I don’t know but I made a comment on webull at 60$ and was waiting for the hault to end to jump and then fell asleep and just now woke up. Like wtf. Damn you grave yards shift.

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