Any advice How to recover

  1. Upside down makes the graph even worse. Best is to turn the screen 90 degrees, direction doesn't matter. Time frame is not quite right but is unimportant in times of emergency.

  2. OP probably has 100% margin. 12k in "investments" and about 3k in cash. It's the only way the math works for the loss.

  3. Yes - delete the brokerage, sell your positions, find a job that pays at least $17,916 per annum and you'd be up $0.32 on the year.

  4. God, I just realized there’s probably people who actually do this. Average post here is actually losing a significant portion of some peoples yearly salaries in an afternoon lmao

  5. Hey friend, it seems you were bullish during a bear market rally, energy crisis, food crisis, foreign war, and local civil war. No worries friend, that's why we're here help. The advice is quite simple, don't be an idiot.

  6. He was trying to be greedy at a time when others are fearful, works great for a long term buy and hold strategy, not so great with options.

  7. Buy SPY funds at a regular interval and hold. If the market crashes accelerate your purchasing of SPY shares. Hold long term. Or just sell drugs and give sloppy bjs behind the dumpster at your local Wendy’s

  8. Stop solely relying on options. Have most of your portfolio shares based and find an intrinsic value of a stock and trade off that.

  9. Take what you have left, along with your buying power, put it all in actual shares for a company that offers dividends like Ford or AES, and don't touch it until retirement.

  10. Just took a 17k loss on tesla put. Just cut your loss and try to recover your loss with your remains

  11. Grab a ruler and an orange sharpie and trace a line in an upward angle direction👍works every time until reality kicks in again.

  12. I do wish Robinhood would let us purchase retirement accounts to invest in and allow us to transfer gains directly into those accounts for tax purposes.

  13. Do the opposite of what you think you should do and you will be good. Not sure why people that are bad at the stock market don't get it.

  14. It’s like an inside joke, right? When people come on here and ask for advice. They don’t really want advice and they know they won’t really get it, right? At least not “good” advice

  15. Buy puts on biotech Simply take 20 biotech companies and place them on a dart board, throw 3 darts with your eyes closed and 3 with your eyes open. Repeat 100 times and short the most darted stock.

  16. Tesla is set to have the biggest beat in the stock markets 200 year history in Q4. So either play that, or the Cybertruck by buying Jan 2025 leaps

  17. Aim for for stupidly small gains each day until you are consistently making money over the course of a month or so. The biggest problem you have is Pattern Day Trade limits. That means you will need to be very selective of trades. I got out of a 61k hole recently (81k down to 20k) but it wasn’t easy. Good luck

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